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  1. A Reflexive Extension to Arachne's Aspect Language Nicolas Loriant Marc Segura-Devillechaise Thomas Fritz Jean-Marc Menaud

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    Paris-Sud XI, Université de

    ´egura-Devillechaise Thomas Fritz Jean-Marc Menaud OBASCO research group, EMN/INRIA - LINA, Nantes, France Software

  2. Automatic Passenger Counting in the High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) I. Pavlidis P. Symosek B. Fritz

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    . Fritz Honeywell Technology Center 3660 Technology Drive MN65-2500 Minneapolis, MN 55418 Tel. (612) 951-7338 Fax (612) 951-7438 (pavlidis, symosek, fritz) R. Sfarzo N. P. Papanikolopoulos phenomenology and arrangement for the task and our plans for the future. Introduction The Honeywell Technology

  3. Comparison of energetic ions in cusp and outer radiation belt Jiasheng Chen and Theodore A. Fritz

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    of ionospheric and solar wind particles. The energetic ion intensity, charge composition, energy spectrum; rather, (2) a nonadiabatic energization process would be required to relate the cusp energetic ion [Chen et al., 1997; Chen and Fritz, 2000]. Owing to solar wind pressure, a geomagnetic field minimum

  4. Proton Solvation and Proton Mobility Department of Physical Chemistry and the Fritz Haber Research Center,

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    Agmon, Noam

    Proton Solvation and Proton Mobility NOAM AGMON Department of Physical Chemistry and the Fritz for proton solvation and proton mobility is analyzed and the results are compared with recent simulations. Three factors con tribute to differences in proton solvation energies: hydrogenbond cleavage, changes

  5. Fritz Strassmann, 1966 | U.S. DOE Office of Science (SC)

    Office of Science (SC) Website

    AFDC Printable Version Share this resource Send a link to EERE: Alternative Fuels Data Center Home Page to someone by E-mail Share EERE: Alternative Fuels Data Center Home Page on Facebook Tweet about EERE: Alternative Fuels Data Center Home Page on Twitter Bookmark EERE: Alternative1 First Use of Energy for All Purposes (Fuel and Nonfuel), 2002; Level:Energy: Grid Integration Redefining What'sis Taking Over OurThe Iron4(SC) MappingOctober 12,U.S. DOE OfficeU.S.Frequently AskedFritz

  6. Recent progress in neutrino factory and muon collider research within the Muon Collaboration

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    McDonald, Kirk

    . Cassel,1 M. Gabriela Catanesi,12 Swapan Chattopadhyay,11 Weiren Chou,2 David B. Cline,15 Linda R. Coney Fritz DeJongh,2 Alexandr Drozhdin,2 Paul Drumm,6 V. Daniel Elvira,2 Deborah Errede,18 Adrian Fabich,3. Kirk,8 Yoshitaka Kuno,31 Tony S. Ladran,16 Wing W. Lau,32 John G. Learned,33 Valeri Lebedev,2 Paul

  7. Recent Progress in Neutrino Factory and Muon Collider Research within the Muon Collaboration

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    . Cassel,1 M. Gabriela Catanesi,12 Swapan Chattopadhyay,11 Weiren Chou,2 David B. Cline,15 Linda R. Coney Fritz DeJongh,2 Alexandr Drozhdin,2 Paul Drumm,18 V. Daniel Elvira,2 Deborah Errede,19 Adrian Fabich,3. Kirk,8 Yoshitaka Kuno,32 Tony S. Ladran,16 Wing W. Lau,33 John G. Learned,34 Valeri Lebedev,2 Paul

  8. arXiv:hep-ex/0207031v213Aug2002 Status of Neutrino Factory and Muon Collider Research and

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    Wurtele, Jonathan

    ,10 Kevin W. Cassel,1 M. Gabriela Catanesi,12 Swapan Chattopadhyay,11 Weiren Chou,2 David B. Cline,15 Christine Darve,2 Fritz DeJongh,2 Alexandr Drozhdin,2 Paul Drumm,18 V. Daniel Elvira,2 Deborah Errede,19 Valeri Lebedev,2 Paul Lebrun,2 Kevin Lee,15 Jacques A. Lettry,3 Marco Laveder,12 Derun Li,16 Alessandra

  9. Recent Progress in Neutrino Factory and Muon Collider Research within the Muon Collaboration

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    Kevin W. Cassel, 1 M. Gabriela Catanesi, 12 Swapan Chattopadhyay, 11 Weiren Chou, 2 David B. Cline, 15 Christine Darve, 2 Fritz DeJongh, 2 Alexandr Drozhdin, 2 Paul Drumm, 18 V. Daniel Elvira, 2 Deborah Errede Tony S. Ladran, 16 Wing W. Lau, 33 John G. Learned, 34 Valeri Lebedev, 2 Paul Lebrun, 2 Kevin Lee, 15

  10. Hydrogen transport in nickel ,,111... Department of Physical Chemistry and the Fritz Haber Research Center, The Hebrew University, Jerusalem 91904, Israel

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    Zeiri, Yehuda

    Hydrogen transport in nickel ,,111... Roi Baer Department of Physical Chemistry and the Fritz Haber Received 13 November 1996; revised manuscript received 21 January 1997 The intricate dynamics of hydrogen of subsurface with surface hydrogen on the nickel host. The analysis is based on the embedded diatomics

  11. Bodo Bauer, Rdiger Berlich, Daniel Bischof, Michael Burghart, Roland Dyroff, Christian Egle, Karl Eichwalder, Stefan Fent, Werner Fink, Klaus Franken, Fritz Ganter, Jrgen Geck, Carsten Gro,

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    Bremen, Universität

    Bodo Bauer, Rüdiger Berlich, Daniel Bischof, Michael Burghart, Roland Dyroff, Christian Egle, Karl Eichwalder, Stefan Fent, Werner Fink, Klaus Franken, Fritz Ganter, Jürgen Geck, Carsten Gro?, Rolf Strattner, Jörg Strebel, Steve Tomlin, Klaus G. Wagner, Thorsten Wandersmann, Udo Weber, Michael Weyrauch

  12. The El Mayah molasse basin in the Eastern Desert of Egypt A. Shalaby a,b,*, K. Stuwe a,*, H. Fritz a

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    Fritz, Harald

    The El Mayah molasse basin in the Eastern Desert of Egypt A. Shalaby a,b,*, K. Stuwe a,*, H. Fritz, Austria b Department of Geology, Mansoura University, Mansoura, Egypt Received 8 September 2004; received of kilometres of the East- ern Desert of Egypt. Its sedimentary record shows that deposition occurred in two

  13. Fritz Westove ntroduction

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    Mukhtar, Saqib

    ___________ DM wit 14-day effectiv disease recomm interva pressu showed infectio phosph program Manco Phosph as strob e pressu mendations ls to 7-10 re. A study d that both i on was sign horous acid m of prote zeb

  14. Jana Fritz | Department of Energy

    Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) Indexed Site

    AFDC Printable Version Share this resource Send a link to EERE: Alternative Fuels Data Center Home Page to someone by E-mail Share EERE: Alternative Fuels Data Center Home Page on Facebook Tweet about EERE: Alternative Fuels Data Center Home Page on Twitter Bookmark EERE: Alternative Fuels Data Center Home Page on Google Bookmark EERE: Alternative Fuels DataDepartment of Energy Your Density Isn't YourTransport(FactDepartment ofLetter Report: I11IG002RTC3 | 12/1/2014 |Is5:It'sADirector,Jana

  15. Fritz Schur Energy | Open Energy Information

    Open Energy Info (EERE)

    AFDC Printable Version Share this resource Send a link to EERE: Alternative Fuels Data Center Home Page to someone by E-mail Share EERE: Alternative Fuels Data Center Home Page on Facebook Tweet about EERE: Alternative Fuels Data Center Home Page on Twitter Bookmark EERE: Alternative Fuels Data Center Home Page onYou are now leaving You are now leaving You are being directedAnnual Siteof Energy 2,AUDIT REPORTEnergyFarms A S JumpWindfarm HoldingsFree EnergyFreewatt


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    to investigate and identify how these particles are energized and transported from their source populations in measurements associated with the sun, the solar corona, and the solar wind whereas the same ratio was less than in the earth's ionosphere while in the solar atmosphere and solar wind, the abundances of these two elements

  17. Fritz-Haber Institute Max-Planck Gesellschaft

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    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24 2.8 Flow chart of SCF cycle in WIEN2k compter code. . . . . . . . . . . . 26 3.1 Energy region. . . . . . . . . 16 2.4 Schematic dependence of ul(r, l) (a) and DOS (b) on the energy . . . 18 2 (dash lines) functionals. The energy zero is taken to be the top of the valence band

  18. Fritz Creek, Alaska: Energy Resources | Open Energy Information

    Open Energy Info (EERE)

    AFDC Printable Version Share this resource Send a link to EERE: Alternative Fuels Data Center Home Page to someone by E-mail Share EERE: Alternative Fuels Data Center Home Page on Facebook Tweet about EERE: Alternative Fuels Data Center Home Page on Twitter Bookmark EERE: Alternative Fuels Data Center Home Page onYou are now leaving You are now leaving You are8COaBulkTransmissionSitingProcess.pdf Jump1946865°, -86.0529604° ShowCounty, California: Energyof theFrioCreek,


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    Bornemann, Jens

    FF-2 FERRITE TUNABLE MILLIMETER WAVE PRINTED CIRCUIT FILTERS Jaroslaw Uher, Jens Bornemann of ferrite-slab loaded waveguides. Computer optimized design data based on the rigorous modal S-matrix method resonators [1] - [3] , or ferrite slabs in resonating below-cutoff waveguides [4], ~~ii;~'~rpaper describes

  20. accelerated 60-d study: Topics by E-print Network

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    G. Bernstein; M. Bester; B. Bigelow; R. Blandford; R. Bohlin; A. Bonissent; C. Bower; M. Brown; M. Campbell; W. Carithers; E. Commins; W. Craig; C. Day; F. DeJongh; S. Deustua; T....

  1. ROI BAER: CURRICULUM VITAE AND LIST OF PUBLICATIONS Institute of Chemistry and the Fritz Haber Center for Molecular Dynamics

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    Baer, Roi


  2. Accepted by U. Fritz: 4 Dec. 2013; published: 6 Dec. 2013 ISSN 1175-5326 (print edition)

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    Carranza, Salvador

    EF-1E00-49CF-B9DA-4BACAF670016 New species of Stenodactylus (Squamata: Gekkonidae) from the Sharqiyah Sands in northeastern Oman MARGARITA METALLINOU & SALVADOR CARRANZA* Institute of Evolutionary Biology Stenodactylus (Squamata: Gekkonidae) is described from the dune desert of Al Shar- qiyah Sands in northeastern

  3. Credibility and flexibility : political institutions and foreign direct investment

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    Zheng, Yu


    Desai, Mihir, Fritz Foley, and James Hines. 2004, ForeignDesai, Mihir, Fritz Foley, and James Hines. 2005. ForeignDesai, Mihir, Fritz Foley, and James Hines. 2006. Capital

  4. Nonroutine tasks in international trade

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    Oldenski, Lindsay


    4269. Desai, Mihir, Fritz Foley and James Hines Jr. , 2001,Desai, Mihir, Fritz Foley, and James Hines Jr. , 2002,W9224. Desai, Mihir, Fritz Foley and James Hines Jr. , 2001,

  5. Turbo synchronization : an EM algorithm interpretation , C. Herzet

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    Steendam, Heidi

    Turbo synchronization : an EM algorithm interpretation N. Noels* , C. Herzet , A. Dejonghe , V is devoted to turbo synchronization, that is to say the use of soft information to estimate parameters like carrier phase, frequency offset or timing within a turbo receiver. It is shown how maximum

  6. Energy Unit lecture outline & graphics Fritz Stahr Tues 1/21/03 -Transportation of Energy & Energy of Transportation an intricate link

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    transportable and denser energy than coal - McNeill's Coke-town cluster where it is due to ease of access of energy until ~1880s then coal, and finally oil takes over in US after ~1925, largely because oil most to coal shipped on water (and later rail) and steel shipped out, somewhat true of Mo-town cluster as well

  7. LCLS-schedul_run-II_10_05_6-detail.xls

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    COM XPP MD MD SXR L160 Ivan Vartaniants Spatial Coherence Measurements of the Femtosecond Pulses at LCLS Schlotter XPP L806 Dave Fritz XPP Commissioning Fritz Week 9 1-Jul 2-Jul...

  8. A Near-Infrared Fusion Scheme for Automatic Detection of Vehicle Passengers I. Pavlidis1

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    1 B. Fritz1 N. Papanikolopoulos2 1 Honeywell Technology Center 2 University of Minnesota 3660 55455 (pavlidis, symosek, fritz) Fax 612 951-7438 Fax 612 625

  9. The interaction of C6H6 and C6H12 with noble metal surfaces: Electronic level alignment and the origin of the interface dipole

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    , Texas 762035070 Klaus Hermannb Fritz-Haber-Institut der Max-Planck-Gesselschaft, Faradayweg 4-6, 14195

  10. In.XS: project for a future spaceborne hard X-ray all-sky survey Philippe Marty a , Juho Schultz b , Clemens Bayer c,d , Alexander Fritz c,e ,

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    Ferrigno g , Christophe Jean h , Walter Koprolin c , Jesper Rasmussen i , Laura Tanvuia c , Ivan Valtchanov, A-1180 Wien d Inst. of Astronomy, University of Cambridge, Madingley Road, CB3 0HA Cambridge, UK e G

  11. Y-12 and history of clearance designators

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    scientific community and thus was known worldwide. Otto Hahn and Fritz Strassmann of Germany split the uranium atom, building on research by Enrico Fermi. The Atomic Archive's...

  12. A Standard for Neuroscience Data

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    Scientific Computing Center (NERSC) is also working with Jeff Teeters and Fritz Sommer of the Redwood Center for Theoretical Neuroscience at UC Berkeley on the Collaborative...

  13. 3, 271283, 2006 Footprints of climate

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    Paris-Sud XI, Universit de

    distillation process (Dansgaard, 1964; Clark and Fritz, 1997) describing the fractionation that differentiates the heavy and light molecules as to be strongly dependent on temperature. Although simple distillation

  14. Ultrasonic cleaner cuts costs, enhances safety | Y-12 National...

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    and perform the necessary adjustments without performing a lockouttagout." An added bonus was the work experience it provided Fritz in his rotation assignment. He worked on the...

  15. Green Initiatives Keep Hanford Site Environmentally Responsible...

    Energy Savers [EERE]

    and increasing recycling on site. "We at MSA are very proud to spearhead the site's green initiatives," said Lori Fritz, MSA's vice president of energy & environmental...

  16. - Optimization Online

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    Acknowledgement Thanks are due to Ravi Kannan, and Laci Lovsz for helpful discussions; to. Fritz Eisenbrand for discussions on the connection with...

  17. Switch Switch

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    XPP L345 BRESSLER,CHRISTIAN Femtosecond Spin State Changes - Implications for Photocatalysis David Fritz or Marco Cammarata CXI L352 ELMLUND,HANS SINGLE PARTICLE X RAY...

  18. Metabolism and proliferation share common regulatory pathways in cancer

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    Boyer, Edmond

    Metabolism and proliferation share common regulatory pathways in cancer cells. Vanessa Fritz, proliferation, and cancer inserm-00491405,version1-11Jun2010 Author manuscript, published in "Oncogene 2010;29(31):4369-77" DOI : 10.1038/onc.2010.182 #12;Metabolism, proliferation and cancer Fritz and Fajas 2 Abstract Cancer

  19. California's Transition To Local Renewable Energy

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    Kammen, Daniel M.

    , Paul Douglas, Angelina Galiteva, Donne Brownsey, Patrick Saxton, State Fire Marshal Tonya Hoover, TedCity, Syntonic Corp, Andrey Manullang, Debbie Mous, Fritz Liess, Chelmsford Public Library, CA Heckler, Pestpruf

  20. Martin Mlinari, M.A. Research Training Group 1412 Cultural Orientations and Institu-

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    Knpfer, Christian

    German, English, Serbo-Croatian, Bulgarian #12;List of publications: Martin Mlinari (2013): Homophobia- Mitteilungen 53 (5), pp. 65-68. Lectures: ,,In the Name of the croatian Familiy": VI. Dr. Fritz Exner

  1. From scenes to spikes: understanding vision from the outside in

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    Zylberberg, Joel Leon


    15:628635, 2012. [Rehn and Sommer, 2007] M. Rehn and F.T. Sommer. A network that uses few active neurones to codeherein, and to Fritz Sommer, Jascha Sohl-Dickstein, and the

  2. Decisions that led to Y-12

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    German physicists Otto Hahn and Fritz Strass- mann's claim that they had achieved nuclear fission. He led a team that included Alfred O. C. Nier who was an expert on mass...

  3. ReUcs of samarskite structure in a metamict ABU4 mineral and its high-temperature transformations

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    Downs, Robert T.

    of Mineralogy and Petrography, Faculty of Science, University of Zagreh. HR- 10000 Zagreb, Croatia. ntomasic0,j. Bijenicka cesta 54, HR-I 0002 Zagreb, Croatia. JBrodarski Institute, HR-I0020 Zagreb, Croatia. 'Fritz Haber


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    Ben-Yakar, Adela

    Analyst Tracy H. Brown, Associate Director Information Development Rebecca A. Bryant-Fritz, Research. Broadway, Office of Graduate Studies Diane G. Diaz, Office of Sponsored Projects Debbie G. Dillingham

  5. air vehicle fuel: Topics by E-print Network

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    by using ... Pierre, Fritz, 1977- 2007-01-01 186 An automotive engine model for air-fuel ratio control using cylinder pressure information Texas A&M University - TxSpace Summary:...

  6. BL Planned Activities Prop# Spokesperson/PI POC

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    of Molecular Fragmentation and its Implications for Coherent Diffractive Imaging L172 Rudenko, Artem Bostedt XPP X-Ray Split-Pulse Experiments L237 Gruebel, Gerhard Fritz Jan...

  7. New olenelline trilobites from the Northwest Territories, Canada, and the phylogenetic placement of Judomia absita

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    Gapp, Ian Wesley; Lieberman, Bruce S.; Pope, Michael C.; Dilliard, Kelly A.


    The Early Cambrian olenelline trilobites are a diverse clade that have been the subject of several phylogenetic analyses. Here, three new species of Bradyfallotaspis Fritz, 1972 (B. coriae, B. nicolascagei, and B. sekwiensis) ...

  8. Wichita State University Libraries Department of Special Collections

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    Katzenmeyer, Bert Kirkpatrick, Robert Perkins, Lew Reeves, Tom Seaman, Bob Shupe, Tom Snodgrass, Fritz (F. M Center Ayers, Hiram D.* Bacteriology* Baily, Stephen K. Barker, Ibyl K.* Barton, W. Frank Baseball

  9. Distinguished scientists in all disciplines are invited to lecture...

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    the National Academy of Sciences USA, and a Foreign Mem- ber of the Royal Society of London. He is the recipient of the Lenin Prize, the International Fritz London Award, the...

  10. Predicting soil erosion from Cap Rouge Plateau, Haiti

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    Marcelin, Fritz Sauveur


    PREDICTING SOIL EROSION FROM CAP ROUGE PLATEAU, HAITI A Thesis by FRITZ SAUVEUR MARCELIN Submitted to the Graduate College of Texas A&M University in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of MASTER OF SCIENCE August 1985... Major Subject: Range Science PREDICTING SOIL EROSION FROM CAP ROUGE PLATEAU, HAITI A Thesis by FRITZ SAUVEUR MARCELIN Approved as to style and content by: W. H. Biackburn (Chairman) C. T. Hallmark (Member) . G. Calh u (Member) J. L. Schuster...

  11. Support Vector Machines with Example Dependent Costs

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    Brefeld, Ulf

    Support Vector Machines with Example Dependent Costs Ulf Brefeld, Peter Geibel, and Fritz Wysotzki neu- ral networks and machine learning, typically, do not take any costs into account or allow only costs depending on the classes of the examples that are used for learning. As an extension of class

  12. Continuously tunable band gap in GaN/AlN (0001) superlattices via built-in electric field X. Y. Cui,1 D. J. Carter,1,2 M. Fuchs,3 B. Delley,4 S. H. Wei,5 A. J. Freeman,6 and C. Stampfl1

    E-Print Network [OSTI]

    Institute, Curtin University of Technology, Perth, Western Australia 6845, Australia 3Fritz of Physics, The University of Sydney, Sydney, New South Wales 2006, Australia 2Nanochemistry Research, CH-5232 Villigen PSI, Switzerland 5 National Renewable Energy Laboratory, 1617 Cole Boulevard, Golden

  13. Streetcorner Sociology

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    Delinder, Jean Van


    , see Fritz (1990) and Sica (1990, 1983). An interesting sidenote comes from an interview I conducted with Barbara Olinger, daughter of Stanton Olinger who completed the first Kansas Sociology Ph.D. in 1916. Miss Olinger, who is in her nineties, recalls...

  14. Fast and Accurate Modeling of Molecular Atomization Energies with Machine Learning Matthias Rupp,1, 2 Alexandre Tkatchenko,3, 2 Klaus-Robert Muller,1, 2 and O. Anatole von Lilienfeld4, 2,

    E-Print Network [OSTI]

    more accurate than counting bonds or semi-empirical quantum chemistry. We use the GDB data base and Applied Mathematics, University of California Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA 90095, USA 3Fritz model to predict atomization energies of a diverse set of organic molecules, based on nuclear charges

  15. PNNL-19427, Rev. 1 Prepared for the U.S. Department of Energy

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    that of the nearby Hanford Site. Radiological emissions at the PNNL Site result from Physical Sciences Facility (PSF Quality Objectives Supporting Radiological Air Emissions Monitoring for the PNNL Site JM Barnett BG Fritz Data Quality Objectives Supporting Radiological Air Emissions Monitoring for the PNNL Site JM Barnett

  16. 11/13/14, 6:38 PM"Crappy Gabor paper": Overly honest citation slips into peer-reviewed journal Ethology. Page 1 of 7

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    Tomforde, Mark

    Ethology. Page 1 of 7 into peer-reviewed journal Ethology. Page 2 of 7 Lillian Fritz-Laylin explained in a Slate post last year, overly honest asides are more commonly found

  17. NIST BUILDING SCIENCE SERIES 180 Database-Assisted Design for Wind

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    NIST BUILDING SCIENCE SERIES 180 Database-Assisted Design for Wind: Concepts, Software, and Examples for Rigid and Flexible Buildings Joseph A. Main and William P. Fritz #12;Cover Photo: Boundary Layer Wind Tunnel Laboratory, The University of Western Ontario #12;NIST BUILDING SCIENCE SERIES 180

  18. Macht Musizieren gesund? Zur Herzrate und deren Variabilitt

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    Widmer, Gerhard

    in Sankt Florian im Sommer 2008 in ?sterreich wurden die Herzraten von Klaus Laczika (Pianist und Mediziner Nachhinein nur die Herzdaten für die Auswertung verwendet werden. 1.Klaus Laczika, Klavier 2.Kirill Kobatschenko Violine 3.René Staar, Violine 4.Arkadij Winokurov, Violine 5.Fritz Bauer, Viola 6.Erich Kaufmann

  19. Electrochemically Mediated Separation for Carbon Capture Michael C. Sterna

    E-Print Network [OSTI]

    . ___________________________________________________________________________________ Abstract Carbon capture technology has been proposed as an effective approach for the mitigation to an environmentally responsible economy [4]. Carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology has been proposed1 Electrochemically Mediated Separation for Carbon Capture Michael C. Sterna , Fritz Simeona

  20. IOP PUBLISHING JOURNAL OF PHYSICS: CONDENSED MATTER J. Phys.: Condens. Matter 21 (2009) 134009 (9pp) doi:10.1088/0953-8984/21/13/134009

    E-Print Network [OSTI]


    1 Sincrotrone Trieste, Strada Statale 14 Km 163.5, I-34012 Trieste, Italy 2 Fritz-Haber-Institut der Academy of Science, 1113 Sofia, Bulgaria 4 Physics Department, University of Trieste, via A Valerio 2, I-34127 Trieste, Italy 5 Center of Excellence for Nanostructured Materials, University of Trieste, via

  1. VOLUME 81, NUMBER 15 P H Y S I C A L R E V I E W L E T T E R S 12 OCTOBER 1998 Physics of the Be 1010 Surface Core Level Spectrum

    E-Print Network [OSTI]

    Pohl, Karsten

    10 Surface Core Level Spectrum S. Lizzit Sincrotrone Trieste, Trieste, Italy K. Pohl* Department of Physics Ridge, Tennessee 37831 A. Baraldi Sincrotrone Trieste, Trieste, Italy G. Comelli Sincrotrone Trieste, Universit degli Studi di Trieste, Laboratorio TASC-INFM, Trieste, Italy V. Fritzsche Fritz

  2. Quantum dissipative dynamics of adsorbates near metal surfaces: A surrogate Hamiltonian theory applied to hydrogen on nickel

    E-Print Network [OSTI]

    Baer, Roi

    applied to hydrogen on nickel Roi Baer and Ronnie Kosloff Department of Physical Chemistry and the Fritz on nickel were studied. In the bulk the line shape is mostly influenced by nonadiabatic effects on nickel. A distinction between lattice modes that enhance the tunneling and ones that suppress

  3. Decomposition of Triacetone Triperoxide Is an Entropic Faina Dubnikova, Ronnie Kosloff, Joseph Almog, Yehuda Zeiri,*,,

    E-Print Network [OSTI]

    Keinan, Ehud Abstract: Both X-ray crystallography and electronic structure calculations using the cc-pVDZ basis set,# Contribution from the Chemistry Department, Fritz Haber Institute for Molecular Dynamics, and Casali Institute of calculations that identified transition states, intermediates, and the final products. Counterintuitively

  4. A Science Service Feature Released upon receipt

    E-Print Network [OSTI]

    by the standard chart of auroral distribution d r a m by Harmann Fritz (which, by the way, is more than half layers), 60 important in connection *Pith the transmission of radio signals. con:iected with each other a thorough study of the aurora is now being eo eagerly proeecuted by the scientific sforld. (All rights

  5. Fishery Bulletin Index Volume 103(14), 2005

    E-Print Network [OSTI]

    , Kenneth J. 404 Brouwer, Stephen L. 258 Brown, Annette L. 207 Brown, Eric S. 501 Brown, Thomas A. 97. 307 Fisher, Joseph P. 34 Forney, Karin A. 331 Francis, Malcolm P. 489 Frantz, Brian R. 97 Fritz, Stephen J. 344 Nieland, David L. 307 Nielsen, Jennifer 355 Norcross, Brenda L. 469 O'Brien, Frank 292 O

  6. Ultrafast dynamics of hot electrons and holes in copper: Excitation, energy relaxation, and transport effects

    E-Print Network [OSTI]

    Wolf, Martin

    , and transport effects E. Knoesel, A. Hotzel, and M. Wolf Fritz-Haber-Institut der MPG, Faradayweg 4-6, D-14195 calculation, a simulation of the ballistic transport effect and its implication on the observed electron process for a hot electron is scattering with a ``cold'' elec- tron below the Fermi level, because

  7. Dissipative quantum dynamics with the surrogate Hamiltonian approach. A comparison between spin and harmonic baths

    E-Print Network [OSTI]

    Koch, Christiane

    and harmonic baths David Gelmana) Fritz Haber Research Center for Molecular Dynamics, Hebrew University to a spin bath and to a harmonic bath. Converged results are obtained for the spin bath by the surrogate. The results are compared to calculations that include a finite number of harmonic modes carried out by using

  8. CS 302 Data Structures Programming Assignment 6

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    Gunes, Mehmet Hadi


  9. Agent-based Simulation Platforms Agent-based Simulation Platforms

    E-Print Network [OSTI]

    Boone, Randall B.

    Agent-based Simulation Platforms Agent-based Simulation Platforms: Review and Development 1081 Fritz Ave. McKinleyville, CA 95519, USA Five software platforms for scientific agent-based models (ABMs) were reviewed by implementing example models in each. NetLogo is the highest-level platform

  10. 18588 Federal Register / Vol. 61, No. 82 / Friday, April 26, 1996 / Notices 1 For purposes of this policy statement,

    E-Print Network [OSTI]

    treatment permit under 40 CFR 270.63. I81, VA, Due: May 28, 1996, Contact: Ben Hark (304) 5582885. EIS No. 960181, Draft EIS, AFS, WA, North Sherman and Fritz Timber Sales, Implementation, Colville National (509) 7386111. EIS No. 960182, Draft EIS, NPS, WA, Elwha River Ecosystem Restoration Project

  11. Exogenously cued attention triggers competitive selection of surfaces John H. Reynolds *,1

    E-Print Network [OSTI]

    Reynolds, John H.

    blink 1. Introduction Valdes-Sosa, Cobo, and Pinilla (2000) recently introduced an ingenious paradigm was observed when delayed onset of one surface was used as an exogenous cue. Thus, in Valdes-Sosa?s original from the McKnight Foundation, the F.M. Kirby Foundation, Inc. and the Fritz B. Burns Foundation. 2

  12. The "Brundibr" Project: Memorializing Theresienstadt Children's Opera

    E-Print Network [OSTI]

    Rovit, Rebecca


    Publishing, 1993). With the support of the Fritz-Bauer Institute, Frankfurt, and other Holocaust-related documentation centers, Jeunesses Musi- cales Deutschland has compiled pedagogical materials for Brundibdr hereafter referred toas Brundibair... with Klaus von Dohnanyi, "Everyone Could Test His Conscience," FAZ, November 14, 1998, FAZ, November 30, 1998, 50; former president, Richard von Weizaicker, "The Argument is Getting Dangerous," FAZ, November 20, 1998, 41. In Die Zeit, November 26, 1998...

  13. An investigation into the cutting forces generated for sharp and dull end milling tools used in Flexible Manufacturing Systems

    E-Print Network [OSTI]

    Jones, Alan Sam


    PRODUCTION AND LABORATORY ENVIRONMENTS Production Environment End Milling Tools Fritz Werner Machining Center Promess System Laboratory Environment Vertical Milling Machine Workpiece Material and Coolant Dynamometer Charge Amplifiers Data.... CUTTING TOOL WORKPIECE DYNAMOMETER CHARGE AMPLIFIERS A/D BOARD MICROCOMPUTER Figure 2, Schematic of experimental setup. Vertical Milling Machine A Hurco CNC three axis vertical milhng machine, model KM-3P, was used to perform the experunents...

  14. In Situ Observations of the Atomistic Mechanisms of Ni Catalyzed Low Temperature Graphene Growth

    E-Print Network [OSTI]

    Patera, Laerte L.; Africh, Cristina; Weatherup, Robert S.; Blume, Raoul; Bhardwaj, Sunil; Castellarin- Cudia, Carla; Knop-Gericke, Axel; Schloegl, Robert; Comelli, Giovanni; Hofmann, Stephan; Cepek, Cinzia


    performed at the ISISS beamline of the Fritz Haber Institute located at the BESSY II synchrotron facility in Berlin. The high-pressure setup consists mainly of a reaction cell (base pressure ?10-7mbar) attached to a set of differentially pumped... during graphene growth, measured using synchrotron radiation (see Methods). We observe the appearance of the same four, principal components as identified earlier (CA, CDis, CGr and CB). On C2H4 exposure, CA and a weak CDis signal initially appear...

  15. Beschiessung v. Reims durch die Armee des Generaloberst von Einem

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    Burger, J. [illustrator


    noch ... kein Paketchen von mir erhalten. Schade! Sonst nichts weiter von Bedeutung. Hat Mutter mein schwarz weisses Kleid noch nicht fortgeschickt? Mir gehts noch gut, Euch hoffentlich auch? Herzl. Gruss Eure Gertrud. In Eile!; SENT TO: [An] Herrn [A...TRANSLATION; MESSAGE: My dears, just letting you know that I got a post card from Fritz today. Written on the 8th of this month, postmarked on the 10th. So not long in coming. He's still doing well. Still didn't get any package from me. Too bad! Otherwise nothing of importance. Did mother send my black and white dress yet? I'm okay, and you too I hope? Sincere greetings from your Gertrud Written in a hurry!; SENT TO: To Mr. [A.?] Hornseck, Dortmund, K rnebackstr. 1, (care of Aug. Kl nne Company). Dolberg, 14 April 1916....

  16. Impacts of Sedimentation from Oil and Gas Development on Stream Macroinvertebrates in Two Adjacent Watersheds of the Allegheny National Forest of Northwestern Pennsylvania

    SciTech Connect (OSTI)

    Fritz, K.; Harris, S.; Edenborn, H.M.; Sams, J.


    Fritz, Kelley'*, Steven Harris', Harry Edenborn2, and James Sams2. 'Clarion University of Pennsylvania, Clarion, PA 16214, 2National Energy Technology Laboratory, U.S. Dept. Energy, Pittsburgh, PA 15236. Impacts a/Sedimentation/rom Oil and Gas Development on Stream Macroinvertebrates in Two Adjacent Watersheds a/the Allegheny National Forest a/Northwestern Pennsylvania - The Allegheny National Forest (ANF), located in northwestern Pennsy Ivania, is a multiuse forest combining commercial development with recreational and conservation activities. As such, portions of the ANF have been heavily logged and are now the subject of widespread oil and gas development. This rapid increase in oil and gas development has led to concerns about sediment runoff from the dirt and gravel roads associated with development and the potential impact on the aquatic biota of the receiving streams. We examined and compared the benthic macroinvertebrate communities in two adjacent watersheds of similar size and topography in the ANF; the Hedgehog Run watershed has no oil and gas development, while the adjacent Grunder Run watershed has extensive oil and gas development. In Hedgehog and Grunder Run, we collected monthly kicknet samples from riffles and glides at two sites from April to October 2010. At the same intervals, we measured standard water quality parameters, including conductivity and turbidity. Preliminary results have indicated much higher turbidity in Grunder Run, but little difference in the diversity and abundance of benthic macro invertebrates inhabiting the two streams.

  17. Beagle Dog Tissue Archive (previously part of National Radiobiology Archives): from the Janus Tissue Archive at Northwestern University

    DOE Data Explorer [Office of Scientific and Technical Information (OSTI)]

    Watson, Charles R.

    Following the advent of the atomic age, many nations have investigated the effects of radioactive exposure in animal models. Some of these investigations involved costly and unique experiments that produced tissue and data archives which are unlikely to be reproduced. In an effort to extract the value from these collections, programs have started in Japan, Europe, and America to preserve and make public the data and tissues from these studies for further investigation. The Beagle Dog Experiments, carried out at Argonne National Laboratory from 1952 to 1991 by Thomas Fritz, William Norris, and Tom Seed and supported by grants from the Atomic Energy Commission, investigated the effects of Cobalt-60 radiation on beagle dogs. Documentation from these studies is availible in pdf form. This web portal seeks to make accessible the animal tissues and study data from the Beagle Dog Experiments using data organized by Charles Watson. Use the search form to the left to look for dog data from particular experimental conditions. Click a dog number to return the full dog record. Use the dog record to find tissues of interest and make a sample tissue request. These tissue samples and the data were known until recently as the the U.S. National Radiobiology Archives (NRA) and were maintained as the United States Transuranium and Uranium Registries (USTUR) at Washington State University. Life-span studies using beagle dogs were done at the Argonne National Laboratory, University of California at Davis, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Inhalation Toxicology Research Institute, and the University of Utah. The results and many microscope slides from these life-span studies, totaling some 6000 dogs, are now available to researchers. A seminal work included in the Archive is The Atlas of Experimentally-Induced Neoplasia in the Beagle Dog (Watson et al, 1997).

  18. Molecular Quantum Mechanics 2010: From Methylene to DNA and Beyond Conference Support

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    This grant was $12500 for partial support of an international conference, Molecular Quantum Mechanics 2010, which was held on the campus of the University of California, Berkeley, from 24 to 29 May 2010. The conference involved more than 250 participants. The conference schedule ran from as early as 8:00 AM to as late as 10:30 PM at night, in order to accommodate six historical lectures, 16 plenary lectures, 42 invited talks and two very strong poster sessions containing 143 contributed posters. Since 1989, the Molecular Quantum Mechanics (MQM) series of international conferences has show- cased the frontiers of research in quantum chemistry with a strong focus on basic theory and algorithms, as well as highlights of topical applications. Both were strongly in evidence at MQM 2010. At the same time as embracing the future, the MQM conferences also honour the lifetime contributions of some of the most prominent scientists in the field of theoretical and computational quantum chemistry. MQM 2010 recognised the work of Prof. Henry F. Fritz Schaefer of the Center for Computational Chemistry at the University of Georgia, who was previously on the faculty at Berkeley The travel of invited speakers was partially covered by sponsorships from Dell Computer, Hewlett-Packard, Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation, Virginia Tech College of Science, Molecular Physics, Q-Chem Inc and the American Institute of Physics. By contrast, the conference grant from the Department of Energy was used to provide fellowships and scholarships to enable graduate students and postdoctoral fellows to attend the meeting, and thereby broaden the participation of young scientists at a meeting where in the past most of the attendees have been more senior faculty researchers. We believe that we were very successful in this regard: 118 students and postdocs attended out of the total of 256 participants. In detail, the DOE sponsorship money was partially used for dormitory scholarships that covered the cost of shared accommodation for students and postdocs at Berkeley dormitories. This covered the $200-$305 cost of a shared room for the 5-day duration of the conference. The only condition of these scholarships was that the awardee must present a poster at the meeting. Approximately $7565 was spent for these dormitory scholarships. The remaining expenditures of $4800 was used for 12 merit scholarships which were awarded to students whose poster presentations were judged the best at the conference. This amount covered a significant part of their travel and registration fees.


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    Marra, J.


    The ore pitchblende was discovered in the 1750's near Joachimstal in what is now the Czech Republic. Used as a colorant in glazes, uranium was identified in 1789 as the active ingredient by chemist Martin Klaproth. In 1896, French physicist Henri Becquerel studied uranium minerals as part of his investigations into the phenomenon of fluorescence. He discovered a strange energy emanating from the material which he dubbed 'rayons uranique.' Unable to explain the origins of this energy, he set the problem aside. About two years later, a young Polish graduate student was looking for a project for her dissertation. Marie Sklodowska Curie, working with her husband Pierre, picked up on Becquerel's work and, in the course of seeking out more information on uranium, discovered two new elements (polonium and radium) which exhibited the same phenomenon, but were even more powerful. The Curies recognized the energy, which they now called 'radioactivity,' as something very new, requiring a new interpretation, new science. This discovery led to what some view as the 'golden age of nuclear science' (1895-1945) when countries throughout Europe devoted large resources to understand the properties and potential of this material. By World War II, the potential to harness this energy for a destructive device had been recognized and by 1939, Otto Hahn and Fritz Strassman showed that fission not only released a lot of energy but that it also released additional neutrons which could cause fission in other uranium nuclei leading to a self-sustaining chain reaction and an enormous release of energy. This suggestion was soon confirmed experimentally by other scientists and the race to develop an atomic bomb was on. The rest of the development history which lead to the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945 is well chronicled. After World War II, development of more powerful weapons systems by the United States and the Soviet Union continued to advance nuclear science. It was this defense application that formed the basis for the commercial nuclear power industry.


    SciTech Connect (OSTI)

    T.M. Whitworth; Liangxiong Li


    This report describes work performed during the first year of the project ''Modified Reverse Osmosis System for Treatment of Produced Waters.'' This research project has two objectives. The first objective is to test the use of clay membranes in the treatment of produced waters by reverse osmosis. The second objective is to test the ability of a system patented by the New Mexico Tech Research Foundation to remove salts from reverse osmosis waste streams as a solid. We performed 12 experiments using clay membranes in cross-flow experimental cells. We found that, due to dispersion in the porous frit used adjacent to the membrane, the concentration polarization layer seems to be completely (or nearly completely) destroyed at low flow rates. This observation suggests that clay membranes used with porous frit material many reach optimum rejection rates at lower pumping rates than required for use with synthetic membranes. The solute rejection efficiency decreases with increasing solution concentration. For the membranes and experiments reported here, the rejection efficiency ranged from 71% with 0.01 M NaCl solution down to 12% with 2.3 M NaCl solution. More compacted clay membranes will have higher rejection capabilities. The clay membranes used in our experiments were relatively thick (approximately 0.5 mm). The active layer of most synthetic membranes is only 0.04 {micro}m (0.00004 mm), approximately 1250 times thinner than the clay membranes used in these experiments. Yet clay membranes as thin as 12 {micro}m have been constructed (Fritz and Eady, 1985). Since Darcy's law states that the flow through a material of constant permeability is inversely proportional to it's the material's thickness, then, based on these experimental observations, a very thin clay membrane would be expected to have much higher flow rates than the ones used in these experiments. Future experiments will focus on testing very thin clay membranes. The membranes generally exhibited reasonable stable rejection rates over time for chloride for a range of concentrations between 0.01 and 2.5 M. One membrane ran in excess of three months with no apparent loss of usability. This suggests that clay membranes may have a long useable life. Twenty different hyperfiltration-induced solute precipitation experiments were either attempted or completed and are reported here. The results of these experiments suggest that hyperfiltration-induced solute precipitation is possible, even for very soluble substances such as NaCl. However, the precipitation rates obtained in the laboratory do not appear to be adequate for commercial application at this time. Future experiments will focus on making the clay membranes more compact and thinner in order to obtain higher flux rates. Two alternative methods of removing solutes from solution, for which the New Mexico Tech Research Foundation is preparing patent applications, are also being investigated. These methods will be described in the next annual report after the patent applications are filed. Technology transfer efforts included two meetings (one in Farmington NM, and one in Hobbs, NM) where the results of this research were presented to independent oil producers and other interested parties. In addition, members of the research team gave seven presentations concerning this research and because of this research project T. M. (Mike) Whitworth was asked to sit on the advisory board for development of a new water treatment facility for the City of El Paso, Texas. Several papers are in preparation for submission to peer-reviewed journals based on the data presented in this report.