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  1. PP-12 Maine Public Service Company | Department of Energy

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    Maine Public Service Company to construct, operate, and maintain electric transmission facilities at the U.S-Canada border. PDF icon PP-12 Maine Public Service Company More ...

  2. PP-12 Maine

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  3. Volume II solicitation package for solicitation no. 522887-5422 {open_quotes}site electrical replacements & substation{close_quotes} subproject: 69 KV substation

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    This solicitation is for the U.S. Department of Energy under Prime Contract No. DE-AC04-88-DP43495 with EG&G Mound Applied Technologies. Ohio Sales or Use taxes are not to be included in the proposal price. Applicable taxes due or owing to the State of Ohio will be paid by the buyer under Direct Payment Permit No. 98-002230. Refer to Form ML-2487, General Provisions, Article 24, {open_quotes}Federal, State & Local Taxes{close_quotes}. Sellers are advised that purchases of building and construction materials for incorporation into a structure or improvement to a real property which is accepted for ownership by the United States or one of its agencies are exempt from Ohio Sales and Use taxes. Unnecessarily elaborate brochures or other presentations beyond those sufficient to present a complete and effective response to this solicitation are not desired and may be construed as an indication of the seller`s lack of cost consciousness. Elaborate art work, expensive paper and binding, and expensive visual and other presentation aids are neither necessary nor wanted.

  4. CX-010683: Categorical Exclusion Determination

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    Glen Canyon Substation Stage 09- 50MVA 230/69KV Transformer addition CX(s) Applied: B4.11 Date: 07/02/2013 Location(s): Arizona, Arizona Offices(s): Western Area Power Administration-Desert Southwest Region

  5. Presidential Permits | Department of Energy

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    Presidential Permits Presidential Permits Below is a listing of all the presidential permits grouped by Canada and Mexico. View the Presidental Permits - Mexico View the Presidential Permits - Canada PRESIDENTIAL PERMITS - CANADA BACK TO TOP Docket No. Company Date Issued PP-6 Puget Sound Energy 04/28/81 PP-10 BPA 10/27/45 PP-10-1 BPA 11/30/65 PP-11-2 Fraser Papers 02/29/99 PP-11 Fraser Papers (Rescinded in PP-366) 11/18/10 PP-12 Maine 12/05/63 PP-13 NiMo Hogansburg 01/31/48 PP-18 Glacier

  6. Hopi Sustainable Energy Plan

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    Norman Honie, Jr.; Margie Schaff; Mark Hannifan


    The Hopi Tribal Government as part of an initiative to ?Regulate the delivery of energy and energy services to the Hopi Reservation and to create a strategic business plan for tribal provision of appropriate utility, both in a manner that improves the reliability and cost efficiency of such services,? established the Hopi Clean Air Partnership Project (HCAPP) to support the Tribe?s economic development goals, which is sensitive to the needs and ways of the Hopi people. The Department of Energy (DOE) funded, Formation of Hopi Sustainable Energy Program results are included in the Clean Air Partnership Report. One of the Hopi Tribe?s primary strategies to improving the reliability and cost efficiency of energy services on the Reservation and to creating alternative (to coal) economic development opportunities is to form and begin implementation of the Hopi Sustainable Energy Program. The Hopi Tribe through the implementation of this grant identified various economic opportunities available from renewable energy resources. However, in order to take advantage of those opportunities, capacity building of tribal staff is essential in order for the Tribe to develop and manage its renewable energy resources. As Arizona public utilities such as APS?s renewable energy portfolio increases the demand for renewable power will increase. The Hopi Tribe would be in a good position to provide a percentage of the power through wind energy. It is equally important that the Hopi Tribe begin a dialogue with APS and NTUA to purchase the 69Kv transmission on Hopi and begin looking into financing options to purchase the line.