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  1. Novel Spacetime Concept and Dimension Curling up Mechanism in Neon Shell

    E-Print Network [OSTI]

    Kunming Xu


    Euclidean geometry does not characterize dynamic electronic orbitals satisfactorily for even a single electron in a hydrogen atom is a formidable mathematical task with the Schrodinger equation. Here the author puts forward a new spacetime concept that regards space and time as two orthogonal, symmetric and complementary quantities. They are inherent physical quantities that cannot be divorced from physical objects themselves. In two-dimensional helium shell, space and time are instantiated by two interactive 1s electrons; in four-dimensional neon shell, space and time dimensions blend into four types of curvilinear vectors represented by 2s, 2px, 2py, and 2pz electronic orbitals. The description of electronic orbitals constitutes an explanation of canonical spacetime properties such as harmonic oscillation, electromagnetism, and wave propagation. Through differential and integral operations, the author formulates a precise wavefunction for every electron in an inert neon atom where spacetime, as dimensional graduated by ten electrons, is continuous, and trigonometric function is the mechanism for dimension curling up. This fresh spacetime view based on dimensional interpretation of complex functions is an extension of classical mechanics and is compatible with relativity and quantum physics. It brings sharp insight into the geometries of 2p-orbitals and has broad support from chemistry.