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SSPS results of test and operation, 1981-1984  

SciTech Connect (OSTI)

The results of three years of testing and operation of the two dissimilar solar thermal power plants of the SSPS project are summarized. The project includes: (1) a Distributed Collector System, and (2) a Central Receiver System. Environmental conditions are presented and an economical assessment of the project is provided. (BCS)




The limnology of L Lake: Results of the L-Lake monitoring program, 1986--1989  

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L Lake was constructed in 1985 on the upper regions of Steel Creek, SRS to mitigate the heated effluents from L Reactor. In addition to the NPDES permit specifications (Outfall L-007) for the L-Reactor outfall, DOE-SR executed an agreement with the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (SCDHEC), that thermal effluents from L-Reactor will not substantially alter ecosystem components in the approximate lower half of L Lake. This region should be inhabited by Balanced (Indigenous) Biological Communities (BBCs) in accordance with Section 316(a) of the Pollution Control (Clean Water) Act (Public Law 92-500). In response to this requirement the Environmental Sciences Section/Ecology Group initiated a comprehensive biomonitoring program which documented the development of BBCs in L Lake from January 1986 through December 1989. This report summarizes the principal results of the program with regards to BBC compliance issues and community succession in L Lake. The results are divided into six sections: water quality, macronutrients, and phytoplankton, aquatic macrophytes, zooplankton, benthic macroinvertebrates, fish, and community succession. One of the prime goals of the program was to detect potential reactor impacts on L Lake.

Bowers, J.A.



Curriculum Vitae Prof. Kasim Mousa Al-Aubidy  

E-Print Network [OSTI]

- 1992). 1986-1989:Ph.D. Research Student, University of Liverpool, England. 1983-1986:Assistant Lecturer in Industrial Applications, Training Activity, IEEE, Tokyo, Japan 1983. Dynamics and Control of Robotic Systems


An applied paleoecology case study: Bahia Grande, Texas prior to construction of the Brownsville Ship Channel  

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out a comprehensive survey of the entire Texas coastline in the 1970s and 1980s including an examination of sedimentology, geochemistry, bathymetry, and both live and dead benthic invertebrates (White et al. 1983, 1986, 1989). Although Bahia Grande...

Lichlyter, Stephen Alvah




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of Psychology, Denison University 1976-1979 Associate Professor of Psychology, Bowling Green State University 1972-1976 Assistant Professor of Psychology, Bowling Green State University Postgraduate Work Honors and Awards Bowling Green State University Academic Excellence Award, 1975 American Educational

Sheridan, Jennifer


December, 2008 JANET SHIBLEY HYDE  

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of Psychology, Denison University 1976-1979 Associate Professor of Psychology, Bowling Green State University 1972-1976 Assistant Professor of Psychology, Bowling Green State University Postgraduate Work Honors and Awards Bowling Green State University Academic Excellence Award, 1975 American Educational

Sheridan, Jennifer



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are species whose stem bark commonly exfoliate in quadrangular plates (Zanoni and Adams, 1976, 1979 and J. d. var. robusta are each distinct clades (Fig. 1). The bark exfoliation patterns in Juniperus exfoliation patterns. Note the checked bark of J. d. var. gamboana and the phylogenetically closely related J

Adams, Robert P.


Zwicker-tones for pure tone plus bandlimited noise H. Fastl*, D. Patsouras*, M. Franosch**, L. van Hemmen**  

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-tone phenomenon was extensively studied (e.g. Fastl 1986, 1989), and it was found (Krump 1993) that a broadband are based on masking patterns (Fastl and Krump 1995) as well as neural processing (Franosch et al. 2000 and Krump (1995). 3. Results and discussion In figure 1, the Zwicker-tone-exciter sounds are schematically

van Hemmen, J. Leo


A study on the isothermal elastic response of inhomogeneous materials for certain classes of boundary value problems  

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to the present study. However, these indicate the need to study the non-linear equations t. han linearized equations. Von Maltzahn et al. (1981, 1984), Demiray and Vito (1991), Humphrey (1995) have provided local stress distribution for pressure type... of loading at the inner surface of a hollow cylinder. Von Maltzahn et al. (1984), Demiray and Vito (1991), Xie et al. (1995) and Yu et al. (1993) have also provided some experimental evidence that show that arteries are inhomogeneous. However, Xie and Yu...

Umakanthan, Saravanan



Innovative Design of New Geothermal Generating Plants  

SciTech Connect (OSTI)

This very significant and useful report assessed state-of-the-art geothermal technologies. The findings presented in this report are the result of site visits and interviews with plant owners and operators, representatives of major financial institutions, utilities involved with geothermal power purchases and/or wheeling. Information so obtained was supported by literature research and data supplied by engineering firms who have been involved with designing and/or construction of a majority of the plants visited. The interviews were conducted by representatives of the Bonneville Power Administration, the Washington State Energy Office, and the Oregon Department of Energy during the period 1986-1989. [DJE-2005

Bloomquist, R. Gordon; Geyer, John D.; Sifford, B. Alexander III



Naval Petroleum and Oil Shale Reserves annual report of operations for fiscal year 1996  

SciTech Connect (OSTI)

During fiscal year 1996, the Department of Energy continued to operate Naval Petroleum Reserve No. 1 in California and Naval Petroleum Reserve No. 3 in Wyoming through its contractors. In addition, natural gas operations were conducted at Naval Petroleum Reserve No. 3. All productive acreage owned by the Government at Naval Petroleum Reserve No. 2 in California was produced under lease to private companies. The locations of all six Naval Petroleum and Oil Shale Reserves are shown in a figure. Under the Naval Petroleum Reserves Production Act of 1976, production was originally authorized for six years, and based on findings of national interest, the President was authorized to extend production in three-year increments. President Reagan exercised this authority three times (in 1981, 1984, and 1987) and President Bush authorized extended production once (in 1990). President Clinton exercised this authority in 1993 and again in October 1996; production is presently authorized through April 5, 2000. 4 figs. 30 tabs.




Infrared observations of eclipses of Io, its thermophysical parameters, and the thermal radiation of the Loki volcano and environs  

SciTech Connect (OSTI)

Observations of Io during eclipses by Jupiter in 1981-1984 are reported. Data obtained at 3.45-30 microns using bolometer system No. 1 on the 3-m IRTF telescope at Mauna Kea are presented in extensive tables and graphs and analyzed by means of least-squares fitting of thermophysical models to the eclipse cooling and heating curves, thermal-radiation calculations for the Io volcanoes, and comparison with Voyager data. Best fits are obtained for a model comprising (1) a bright region with a vertically inhomogeneous surface and (2) a dark vertically homogeneous region with thermal inertia only about 0.1 times that of (1). Little evidence of volcanic-flux variability during the period is found, and the majority (but not all) of the excess thermal IR radiation in the sub-Jovian hemisphere is attributed to the Loki volcano and its lava lake. 35 references.

Sinton, W.M.; Kaminski, C.



Combining MSS and AVHRR imagery to assess vegetation biomass and dynamics in an arid pastoral ecosystem, Turkana District, Kenya  

SciTech Connect (OSTI)

Landsat multi-spectral scanner (MSS) imagery was used to develop a vegetation type-biomass map of the 84,000 Km/sup 2/ Turkana District, Kenya. NOAA satellite advanced very high resolution radiometry (AVHRR) imagery was overlaid on the MSS map to trace the seasonal and annual dynamics of vegetation communities used by Turkana pastoral nomads, 1981-1984. Four regions (sub-sectional territories) were compared with respect to peak herbaceous biomass, woody canopy cover, and seasonal fluxes in total green biomass. Results demonstrated major variations among regions and between wet and dry season ranges within regions. Pastoral land use patterns appear to minimize effects of seasonal vegetation fluxes on livestock herds.

Ellis, J.E.; Swift, D.M.; Hart, T.C.; Dick, O.B.



The Development of a Coordinated Database for Water Resources and Flow Model in the Paso Del Norte Watershed (Phase III) Part I Lower Rio Grande Flood Control Model [LRGFCM] RiverWare Model Development  

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at Anthony Bridge 1986-1989 (d), 1990-2000 (n), 2001-5/2005 (d) WW #32 (La Union East Lateral) 1979-1992 (d), 1993-1996 (n), 1997-1999 (d), 2000 (n) 2001-6/2003 (d) WW #23A (Texas Lateral) 1985-1992 (d), 1993-1996 (n), 1997-1999 (d), 2000 (n) 2001...-6/2003 (d) Mesquite/Anthony/East Drain 1975-1980 (m), 1981-1992 (d), 1993 (n), 1994-5/2005 (d) Rio Grande at Vinton Bridge 1985-1992 (d) WW #32B (Vinton Cutoff Lateral) 1985-1992 (d), 1993-1996 (n), 1997-2002 (d) WW #34 (Canutillo Lateral) 1983 (d), 1984...

Tillery, Sue; Sheng, Zhuping; King, J. Phillip; Creel, Bobby; Brown, Christopher; Michelsen, Ari; Srinivasan, Raghavan; Granados, Alfredo