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    Herschbach 1986 Chemistry B.S. Mathematics 1954; M.S. Chemistry 1955 Computed Mathieu functions at LANL during late 1950's; conducted research at UCRL 1961 -1964; more info...

  2. Fertility and rate of growth in a beef cattle herd in the 0rient of Venezuela 

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    Gonzalez Crespo, Justo Nicolas


    status upon pregnancy rate in Venezuela. They calculated adjusted means of lactating and nonlactating cows to be 54. 3~~ and 89. 2~ respect. ively. Such results have been re- ported by . , everal authors in Bolivia (Plasse et aL. , 1975 and Bauer et a... and Huertas, 1974, in Colombia and Bauer, 1973, in Bolivia). Thc negative effect of lactation upon ferti. lity seems to be related to the plane of nutrition (IViltbank et al. , 1961, 1964; Villar et al, 1975; Stonaker et al, 1975 and Bazan et al. , 1975...