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  1. PP-29-1 Maine Public Service Company | Department of Energy

    Office of Environmental Management (EM)

    border. PP-29-1 Maine Public Service Company More Documents & Publications PP-12 Maine Public Service Company PP-28 The Northern Electric Cooperative PP-305 Montana Alberta Tie Ltd...

  2. PP-29-1 Maine Public Service Company | Department of Energy

    Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) Indexed Site

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  3. Management of networked sensor systems

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    Koliousis, A.; Sventek, J.; DCS Technical Report Series pp 29 Dept of Computing Science, University of Glasgow [More Details

    Koliousis,A. Sventek,J. DCS Technical Report Series pp 29 Dept of Computing Science, University of Glasgow

  4. Designing a Language for Spatial Computing

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    Kuhn, Werner; Ballatore, Andrea


    Interacting with Geographic Information Systems. In M. F.interaction for geographic information systems (pp. 29–44).in particular Geographic Information Systems (GIS). So far,

  5. Cogeneration Design Considerations for a Major Petrochemical Facility

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    Good, R. L.

    generators. Each deaerator is a 100% spare for the other. The deaerators are piped so as to allow the needs of the cogeneration facility and the process plant to be serviced from either. The complete cogeneration facility will be monitored and controlled... TO CPL ~ _ A _/ 69 KV :::---- _ f!, r-/ ""- _ ~~ r-/ TO CPL SUBSTf\\ T I ON..-----.o ~ 0 ? 0 ~ O~ "'V 0 V-LJ--\\.J 0----------. SUBST AT ION TR--113J\\ AS 113A 6,? 6, . / AS 1138 45/60/67.2 MVA 45/60/67.2 MVA TR-1138 5S 113813.8 KV 13.8 KV Ij\\ 6 U if...

  6. MA49000 Fourier Analysis

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    Apr 18, 2009 ... Wed, 01/28: Ch 2, pp. 44-48: Convolutions - Mon, 01/26: Ch 2, pp. 39-44 : Uniqueness of Fourier series - Fri, 01/23: Ch 2, pp. 29-33: Riemann ...

  7. Rings with discrete divisor class group: theorem of Danilov Samuel.pdf

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    6 (cf. especially pp. 29-31,35)]. A survey of the ..... Soc. 53 (1957), pp. 28-42. 10. P. SAMUEL,"On unique factorization domains," Illinois 3. Math. 5 (1961), pp. 1-17

  8. Energy Efficiency Improvement and Cost Saving Oportunities for the Concrete Industry

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    Kermeli, Katerina


    G. VanGeem, J. Gajda, M. Marceau. 2000. Environmental LifeStructures, 33, pp.29-37. Marceau, M. L. , M. A. Nisbet, 190 o F (90 o C) (Marceau et al. , 2007). Curing is

  9. Design and Testing of a Heat Transfer Model of a Raccon (Procyon Lotor) in a Closed Tree Den Author(s): Jeffrey Thorkelson and Robert K. Maxwell

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    Minnesota, University of

    Design and Testing of a Heat Transfer Model of a Raccon (Procyon Lotor) in a Closed Tree Den Author. #12;Ecology (1974) 55: pp. 29-39 DESIGN AND TESTING OF A HEAT TRANSFER MODEL

  10. A Review of "Visionary Milton: Essays on Prophecy and Violence" edited by Peter E. Medine, John T. Shawcross, and David V. Urban

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    Welch, Anthony


    reviews 47 Peter E. Medine, John T. Shawcross, and David V. Urban, eds. Visionary Milton: Essays on Prophecy and Violence. Pittsburgh: Duquesne University Press, 2010. xxv + 346 pp. + 29 illus. $60.00. Review by anthony welch, university...

  11. J. Fluid Mech. (2006), vol. 557, pp. 2961. c 2006 Cambridge University Press doi:10.1017/S0022112006009475 Printed in the United Kingdom

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    J. Fluid Mech. (2006), vol. 557, pp. 29­61. c 2006 Cambridge University Press doi:10.1017/S fuel and capsule is a liability which provides considerable challenges in #12;30 D. J. Hill, C. Pantano

  12. A review of "Blasphemy: Impious Speech in the West from the Seventeenth to the Nineteenth Century." by Alain Cabantous

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    Melissa Mohr


    REVIEWS 133 Alain Cabantous. Blasphemy: Impious Speech in the West from the Seventeenth to the Nineteenth Century. Trans. Eric Rauth. New York: Columbia University Press, 2002. xiv + 288 pp. $29.50. Re- view by MELISSA MOHR, STANFORD UNIVERSITY...

  13. Environmental assessment: Warren Air Force Base 115-kV transmission line, Cheyenne, Wyoming

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    The Western Area Power Administration (Western), is propsoing to construct a new electrical tranmission line and substation in southeastern Wyoming. This proposed line, called the Warren Air Force Base Tranmission Line, will supply power for Western's system to Francis E.Warren Air Force Base (F.E. Warren AFB) near Cheyenne. It would allow for increased tranmission capacity to the air base. F.E. Warren AFB currently is served electrically be Western via a 13.8-kv line. It is a wood-pole, double-circuit line without an overhead ground wire, which extends from Western's Cheyenne Substation, through an urban area, and onto the air base. The Cheyenne Substation is located on the south side of the city of Cheyenne. The electrical load on the base is increasing from 4 megawatts (MW) to 11 or 12 MW, an approximate three-fold increase. Voltage problems occasionally occur at the base due to the present electrial loads and to the age and inadequacy of the 13.8-kv line, which was placed in service in 1941. The existing line has served beyond its designed service life and requires replacement. Replacement would be necessary even without an increasing load. F.E. Warren AFB has several new and expanding programs, including additional housing, shopping centers, and the Peacekeeper Missile Program. Part of this expansion already has occured; the remainder is expected by early 1988. This expansion has created the need for additional electrical service. The present 13.8-kV line is not capable of supporting the additional load. 28 refs., 4 figs., 2 tabs.


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    Loss, Daniel

    BOOKS & ARTS A complex beautyDR. EULER'S FABULOUS FORMULA: CURES MANY MATHEMATICAL ILLS BY PAUL J. NAHIN Princeton Univ. Press: 2006. 404 pp. $29.95. In a poll for the most beautiful mathematical formula of formulae would be likely to bask in universal approval. One of these is the wondrous identity, due

  15. NOAA Technical Report NMFS CIRC-391 aTanoid Copepods of the Genera

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    otherwise noted) from D83. Technical Information Division. Environ- mental Science Information Center. NOAA,50. in fiscal year 1969 at the Bureau of Commercial Fisheries Biological Laboratory. Beaufort.. fiscal year 1%9. By the Laboratory staff. August 1970. iii + 33 pp.. 29 figs., 12 tables. 3

  16. News.

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    Donald R. Dickson, ed.


    Knight, trans. by Sarah Knight. I Tatti Renaissance Library, 8. Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Press, 2003. xxvi + 407 pp. $29.95. Giannozzo Manetti. Biographical Writings. Ed. and trans. by Stefano U. Baldassarri and Rolf Bagemihl. I Tatti... to the personality of Alberti while serving as an important precursor to a succession of later Renais- sance satires, from works by Erasmus, More, and Rabelais to, ultimately, Cervantes. For Manetti, too, life and art are closely connected. Born into one...

  17. Economic and Conservation Evaluation of Capital Renovation Projects: Maverick County Water Control and Improvement District No. 1 (Eagle Pass) – Lining Main Canal – Final

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    Rister, M. Edward; Lacewell, Ronald D.; Sturdivant, Allen W.; Robinson, John R.C.; Popp, Michael C.

    economic and financial analysis results for a capital rehabilitation project proposed by the MCWCID #1 in the Rio Grande Basin. Readers interested in the methodological background and/or prior reports are directed to pp. 29-31 which identify related..., and the TWDB. Only after the BOR has scored and finalized the next grouping of irrigation districts’ proposed capital-rehabilitation projects will the final results for MCWCID #1s project be made available to other stakeholders and the public...

  18. Bibliography of Texas State and Local Agricultural Literature From 1820-1945.

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    Sandall, Sharon K.; McGeachin, Robert B.


    . 11 pp. 29. ---. 192U. What the National Bank Can and Should Do to Help the Farmer Market His Cotton. Austin, Tex.: E.L. Steck. 12 pp. 30. CAMPBELL, Jourdan. 1919. Jourdan Campbell's Atascosa County Lands : A Book of Facts for the Home.... Development of a Texas Cotton Plantation. Austin, Tex. 14 pp. 43. FERGUSON, James E. 1915. "The Need of Outside Capital for Turning Landless Men of Texas into Home Owning Farmers. Temple, Tex.: Telegram Print. 5 pp. 44. GALVESTON COTTON EXCHANGE. 1881. Rules...

  19. Neo-Latin News, Volume 63, Numbers 1 & 2 

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    Kallendorf, Craig


    Loredan (r. 1501–1521). In Gwynne’s own words, the book “presents the first full-length study of Nagonius’s life and detailed critique of his work” (3). While discussing Nagonius’s Latin poetry, Gwynne engages the reader in a larger historical...). Ein Gedicht auf den Tod des Tübinger Astronomen Johannes Stöffler (1452–1531). By Theodor Reysmann. Edited and translated with commentary by Dirk Kottke. Spudasmata, 156. Hildesheim, Zürich, and New York: Georg Olms Verlag, 2013. 125 pp. 29...