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3D Reconstruction of 138 KV Power-lines from Airborne LiDAR Data.  

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??Due to infrequent and imprecise maintenance inspection in power-line corridors, accidents can be caused by interferences, for instance, surrounding trees. Transmission power-line inspection conventionally relies… (more)

Xiang, Qing



--No Title--  

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An existing 13.8KV480V, 1000 kVA pad mounted transformer located on the southeast side of 105-R near the reactor ventilation stack must be relocated prior to stack demolition. The...


U.S. Department of Energy Categorical Exclusion ...  

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192-K & 183-3K. Savannah River Site AikenAikenSouth Carolina Install a new 13.8KV transformer bank in K-Area and run 480V overhead to loads needing new power supply due to...


Proceedings of the 17 th GAMM-Seminar Leipzig 2001, pp. 29{54 Description and generation of geometries and grids  

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, radionuclides transport, ground water remediation or multi-phase ow imply a complex preprocessing for geometry of partial di#11;erential equations in several #12;elds such as computational uid dynamics, ground water ow water remediation [25; 26] or multi-phase ow in porous media [7; 8]. Especially geoscienti#12;c


King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals  

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is generating electrical power in (13.8KV) according to system demands and to deliver the generated power..................................................................................................2 Saudi Electricity Company................................................................ 3 to take summer training in one of the industrial companies. I did my summer training in Saudi Electricity

Al-Ghadhban, Samir


Low-Power Integrated-Circuit Implementation Exploiting System and Application Information /  

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High-Performance Computer Architecture, 2002, pp. 29– 40. [Symposium on Computer Architecture, 2008, pp. 427–438. [215]High-Performance Computer Architecture, 2009, pp. 213– [99

Kang, Seokhyeong



A review of "Blasphemy: Impious Speech in the West from the Seventeenth to the Nineteenth Century." by Alain Cabantous  

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REVIEWS 133 Alain Cabantous. Blasphemy: Impious Speech in the West from the Seventeenth to the Nineteenth Century. Trans. Eric Rauth. New York: Columbia University Press, 2002. xiv + 288 pp. $29.50. Re- view by MELISSA MOHR, STANFORD UNIVERSITY...

Melissa Mohr



E-Print Network 3.0 - asymmetric molecules revisited Sample Search...  

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revisited. In: Gastrulation: movements... , patterns and molecules (ed. R. Keller, W.H. Clark Jr and F. Griffin). New York: Plenum Press. pp 29-41. 12... ;Stern, C.D. (1991)...


Papers of Selected Institutes Asian Development Bank  

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of a region-wide economic agreement in Asia: examination of trans-Pacific partnership and ASEAN+ free trade agreement approaches, 2010, No.67, Pp.29. Hill, Hal and Menon, Jayant. ASEAN economic integration: features


PP-62 Central Maine Power Company | Department of Energy  

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Power Company to construct, operate, and maintain transmission facilities at the U.S. -Ca nada Border. PP-62 Central Maine Power Company More Documents & Publications PP-29-1...


E-Print Network 3.0 - analysis methods volume Sample Search Results  

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Volume 12, Issue 1, pp. 29-37. N. Uno, F. Kurauchi, H. Tamura, et al., Using Bus Probe Data for Analysis... . Charpillet, A Road Matching Method for Precise Vehicle Localization...



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Knight, trans. by Sarah Knight. I Tatti Renaissance Library, 8. Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Press, 2003. xxvi + 407 pp. $29.95. Giannozzo Manetti. Biographical Writings. Ed. and trans. by Stefano U. Baldassarri and Rolf Bagemihl. I Tatti...

Donald R. Dickson, ed.



PowerPoint Presentation  

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Webbers Falls Major Rehab Webbers Falls Major Rehab Webbers Falls Major Rehab BUILDING STRONG ® 6/8/2010 2 Plant Cross Section Plant Cross Section BUILDING STRONG ® Project Cost and Scope Project Cost and Scope *Current Cost: $72.7M *Current Completion Date: Jun 2012 *Rehab 2 Bridge Cranes *Rehab 2 Gantry Cranes *Rewind 3 Generators *Install New 13.8KV Breakers and Buss *Repair Misc Mechanical & Electrical Items BUILDING STRONG ® Project Funding Project Funding *Project was 100% funded through customer funding until FY09 ARRA funds were received. ARRA funds now being used for, gantry cranes, breakers, cables and distribution panels. *To date customer funds in the amount of $67.9M have been provided for this project. BUILDING STRONG ® Total Cost Breakdown Total Cost Breakdown


Construction Project Number  

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North Execution - (2009 - 2011) North Execution - (2009 - 2011) Construction Project Number 2009 2010 2011 Project Description ANMLPL 0001C 76,675.32 - - Animas-Laplata circuit breaker and power rights CRGRFL 0001C - - 7,177.09 Craig Rifle Bay and transfer bay upgrade to 2000 amps; / Convert CRG RFL to 345 kV out of Bears Ear Sub FGE 0019C - - 39,207.86 Replace 69/25kV transformer KX2A at Flaming Gorge FGE 0020C - - 52,097.12 Flaming Gorge: Replace failed KW2A transformer HDN 0069C 16,638.52 208,893.46 3,704,578.33 Replace failed transformer with KZ1A 250 MVA 230/138kv



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OF PATENT OF PATENT RIGHTS UNDER DOE COOPERATIVE AGREEMENT NO. DE-FC36- 03G013033; W(A)-03-028; CH-1153 As set out in the attached waiver petition and in subsequent discussions with DOE Patent Counsel, Superpower, Inc. (Superpower) has requested an advance waiver of domestic and foreign patent rights for all subject inventions made under the above-identified cooperative agreement by its employees and its subcontractors' employees, regardless of tier, except inventions made by subcontractors eligible to retain title to inventions pursuant to P.L. 96-517, as amended, and National Laboratories. Referring to item 2 of Superpower's waiver petition, Superpower is leading a teaming arrangement including three electric utilities to design, build, install, test and operate a 138kv



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Page Page 1 Updated: March 2013 APPENDIX B U.S. PORT CODES District Port Code Code Name 01 PORTLAND, MAINE 01 Portland 02 Bangor (including Brewer) 03 Eastport (including Cutler, Lubec) 04 Jackman 05 Vanceboro 06 Houlton 07 Fort Fairfield 08 Van Buren 09 Madawaska 10 Fort Kent 11 Bath 12 Bar Harbor 15 Calais (including Robbinston) 18 Limestone 21 Rockland 22 Jonesport 27 Bridgewater 31 Portsmouth, NH 32 Belfast (including Bucksport, Sandy Point, Winterport) 52 Searsport 02 ST. ALBANS, VERMONT 01 St. Albans 03 Richford 06 Beecher Falls 07 Burlington 09 Derby Line 11 Norton 12 Highgate Springs/Alburg 04 BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS 01 Boston (including Chelsea, Revere, Braintree, Weymouth, Quincy, Everett)


Design and Testing of a Heat Transfer Model of a Raccon (Procyon Lotor) in a Closed Tree Den Author(s): Jeffrey Thorkelson and Robert K. Maxwell  

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Design and Testing of a Heat Transfer Model of a Raccon (Procyon Lotor) in a Closed Tree Den Author. http://www.jstor.org #12;Ecology (1974) 55: pp. 29-39 DESIGN AND TESTING OF A HEAT TRANSFER MODEL of Ecology and Behavioral Biology, Universityof Minnesota, St. Paul, Minnesota 55101 Aabstract. A heat

Minnesota, University of


Tourism and Commercial Recreation Department of Recreation and Leisure Studies  

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Publishing. Weaver, David A. 2003. Ecotourism. Sydney:Wiley. 386pp. Other texts Fennell, D. Ecotourism. 2003. 2nd Edition. London: Routledge. 236 pp. Patterson, C. The Business of Ecotourism. 2002. Rhinelander, Chapter 1, pp. 2-28 2 6-9 Sept. Emerging markets Weaver, Chapter 2 pp. 29-63 3 13-16 Sept. Ecotourism

Brown, Gregory G.


Reports and other Publications  

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... 85. 7 florins. ('S-Gravenhage: Staatsdrukkerij- en Uitgeverijbedrijf, 1957.) [131 Norsk Polarinstitutt, Oslo. Skrifter. Nr. 109: The Quaternary Geology of Brageneset, Nordaustlandet, ... Dammed Lakes in Norway. By Olav Liestel. Pp. 29. 2 Kr. (Oslo: Norsk Polarinstitutt, 1956 and 1957.) [131 Yearbook of Forest Products Statistics, 1957. Pp ...




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A standard approach, as first suggested in [28], is to regularize the BV seminorm and ..... The result applied to our (finite-dimensional) problem gives the following: if 0 .... We did a series of experiments (a) to measure the ..... sets in the plane by the minimizing total variation flow, Interfaces Free Bound., 7 (2005), pp. 29–53.


Note: This page contains sample records for the topic "138-kv pp-29 madawaska" from the National Library of EnergyBeta (NLEBeta).
While these samples are representative of the content of NLEBeta,
they are not comprehensive nor are they the most current set.
We encourage you to perform a real-time search of NLEBeta
to obtain the most current and comprehensive results.


Kinematic wave model for water movement in municipal solid waste  

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conductivity and capillary potential suggested by Clapp and Hornberger [1978] have been employed. However, as pointed out by Bendz et at. (1997), the process assumptions on which the Richards equation and the ensuing CDE rely for their applicability have... and Environ- mental Impact, edited by T. H. Christensen, R. Cossu, and R. Steg- mann, pp. 29-49, Academic, San Diego, Calif., 1989. Clapp, R. B., and G. M. Hornberger, Empirical equations for some soil hydraulic properties, Water Resour. Res., 14, 601...

Bendz, David; Singh, Vijay P.; Rosqvist, H??kan; Bengtsson, Lars


Review of Andreja Markovi?, et al., Slovenska beseda v živo: u?benik za za?etni te?aj slovenš?ine kot drugega/tujega jezika; Andreja Markovi?, et al., S slovenš?ino nimam težav: u?benik za kratke te?aje slovenš?ine: nadaljevalna stopnja; Nataša Pirih Svetina, Andreja Ponikvar. A, B, C . . . 1, 2, 3, gremo . . . U?benik za za?etnike na kratkih te?ajih slovenš?ine kot drugega/tujega jezika  

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REVIEWS 107 Andreja Markovi?, Danuša Škapin, Katarina Rigler Šilc, Špela Kaji? Kmeti?. Slovenska beseda v živo: u?benik za za?etni te?aj slovenš?ine kot drugega/tujega jezika. Third edition. Ljubljana: Center za slovenš?ino kot drugi/tuji jezik pri... Oddelku za slovenistiko Filozofske fakultete, 2002 [3rd edition]. 211 pp., €29.53 [= $38.46] (paper). ISBN: 961-6200-80-1. Andreja Markovi?, Vesna Halužan, Mateja Pezdirc Bartol, Danuša Škapin, Gita Vuga. S slovenš?ino nimam težav: u?benik za kratke te?aje...

Pirnat-Greenberg, Marta



Beyond the Desert 2002, Accelerator, Non--Accelerator and Space Approaches in the New Millenium  

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The third conference on particle physics beyond the Standard Model (BEYOND THE DESERT'02 - Accelerator, Non-accelerator and Space Approaches) was held during 2--7 June, 2002 at the Finish town of Oulu, almost at the northern Arctic Circle. It was the first of the BEYOND conference series held outside Germany (CERN Courier March 2003, pp. 29-30). Traditionally the Scientific Programme of BEYOND conferences, brought into life in 1997 (see CERN Courier, November 1997, pp.16-18), covers almost all topics of modern particle physics (see contents).

H. V. Klapdor Kleingrothaus



Power Margin Reduction in Linear passive UHF RFID tag arrays  

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penetration in a distributed Bragg reflector used in optical devices [12]. The structure of the distributed Bragg reflector consists of an alternating sequence of two materials of different optical impedances which can be treated as being similar to a tag... and Applications in Contactless Smart Cards and Identification, 2nd edition, New York, NY USA: Wiley, 2003, pp. 29-180, pp. 229-328. [2] United States Department of Defense Suppliers’ Passive RFID Information Guide, Version 15.0, pp. 20, [Online]. Avilable...

Zhang, Qi; Crisp, Michael; White, Ian H.; Penty, Richard V.