Most Requested What's New

Most Requested Software

  1. Unsaturated Groundwater and Heat Transport Model, TOUGH2V2.0
  2. Simulation program for Non-isothermal Multiphase Reactive Geochemical Transport, TOUGHREACTV1.2
  3. A Block-Structured KIVA Program for Engines with Vertical or Canted Valves, KIVA4
  4. Building Energy Consumption Analysis, DOE2.1E-121
  5. Explicit 3-D Hydrodynamic FEM Program, DYNA3D2000*

TOUGH2V2.0 is a new and improved version of TOUGH2 for simulating fluid flow and heat transfer in porous media. It is upwardly compatible with and includes all of the capabilities of the earlier version, including the flexibility to handle different fluid mixtures (water, water with tracer; water, CO2; water, air; water, air, with vapor pressure lowering; and water, hydrogen), facilities for processing of geometric data (computational grids), and an internal version control system to ensure referenceability of code applications. Improvements in TOUGH2V2.0 include … more