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Report to LOWG, 2005


Karen J. Spence

Library Operations Working Group (LOWG)
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Oak Ridge, Tennessee
October 2005

Report to LOWG, 2005


Administrative News

Report to LOWG, 2005


OSTI Becomes Law

New law identifies OSTI as DOE entity to carry out STI program
President signed Energy Policy Act of 2005 (H.R. 6) 8/8/05

Energy Policy Act Language

The Secretary, through the Office of Scientific and Technical Information, shall maintain within the Department publicly available collections of scientific and technical information resulting from research, development, demonstration, and commercial applications activities supported by the Department.

Report to LOWG, 2005


OSTI is a component of the DOE Office of Science.

Report to LOWG, 2005


OSTI Leadership and Staff

Report to LOWG, 2005


Budget and Staffing Over Time

Report to LOWG, 2005


Strategic Initiative for Scientific Knowledge & Advancement

Areas of active innovations include:
Federation of distributed collections with simultaneous, ranked, full text search.
Modeling scientific exchange in the research process
Grid-based and other distributed computer processing techniques to support federation of collections
Integration of numeric data and text
Expanding digital access to legacy documents

Report to LOWG, 2005


Global Discovery.

Collaborative search, enhancing knowledge, advancing science
The return on investment in science depends on the diffusion of scientific knowledge. The opportunity exists to build a global community, to massively speed up and expand the diffusion of knowledge.

Report to LOWG, 2005


Innovations in Scientific Knowledge and Advancement (ISKA)
Enhancing Knowledge Diffusion

Report to LOWG, 2005


Recognition for DOE R&D
Online search tools hold six slots in TOP 100 Science/Technology Government Information Web Sites by the Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL)
Science.gov tops the list
EnergyFiles, Federal R&D Project Summaries and GrayLit Network listed as top General/Portal sites
EnergyFiles also recognized under Federal Math and Physical Sciences category
ETDE World Energy Database listed in International category

Report to LOWG, 2005


OSTI Adds RSS Feed
RSS (Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary) allows users to stay up-to-date on headlines, news, events, blog entries or other content that frequently changes
OSTI launched an RSS feed in August
Provides Web patrons a new means for gathering information about OSTI's products and services
RSS employs an XML-based structure, includes title, date, brief description, and link to full text of content

Report to LOWG, 2005


Press Acknowledgment Summary
Over 50 press hits during FY05
Include articles in newspapers, online magazines, university newsletters and Web logs

Report to LOWG, 2005



Report to LOWG, 2005


OSTI Meets Goals through a Wide Range of Information Focused Partnerships

STIP — DOE-wide collaboration
International — ETDEWEB
Science.gov — Multi-agency alliance
CENDI — Cross-agency cooperation
GPO — Partner in access
Google, Yahoo, MSN — Access for commercial search engines
NSDL — Increasing access to OAI patrons
CrossRef — DOI opportunities
NTIS — Commercial Outlet
OCLC — Library Connections

Report to LOWG, 2005


DOE has largest share of Federal STI in Science.gov*
Department of Energy (DOE): 22%
Department of Agriculture (USDA): 15%
Department of Health and Human Services (HHS): 13%
Department of the Interior (DOI): 12%
Department of Commerce (DOC): 10%
National Science Foundation (NSF): 8%
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA): 7%
National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA): 6%
Department of Defense (DoD): 4%
Government Printing Office (GPO): 2%
Department of Education (ED): 1%
*Based on number of URLs in Web site catalogue
Note: DOE also contributes over 21 percent of the 50 million pages in Science.gov search

Report to LOWG, 2005


In Pursuit of Fugitive Documents
GPO continues to emphasize the "fugitive document" problem, which has been exacerbated by electronic publishing and the web
DOE has a long history of making scientific and technical information (STI) available to the FDLP program
New efforts are being focused on identifying other materials not traditionally included in our STI databases, but which may be relevant to the FDLP program

Report to LOWG, 2005


DOE Fugitive Document Project Content Guidelines
Item must be DOE sponsored or authored by DOE or DOE contractor personnel
Item must be publicly available (unclassified/unlimited)
Item must report on energy or an energy related subject (consistent with DOE's R&D mission)
Item must be located on a DOE organization website, (e.g., program office, national laboratory, etc.)

Report to LOWG, 2005


DOE Fugitive Document Project Content Guidelines (Cont.)
Item must have a title and a link to full text
Item should not be one that OSTI already has full text for in its collection
Item should not be one that OSTI has a URL for as a part of its collection
Item must be in a form and format that is technologically manageable by OSTI's current hardware/software configuration without inordinate level of effort or resource requirements

Report to LOWG, 2005


DOE Fugitive Document Project Metadata
Required Metadata
- Title
- URL to full text
Metadata Obtained When Readily Available
- Author
- Report number
- DOE contract number
- Originating research organization
- Publication date
- Language
- Country of publication code
- Sponsoring organization
Assigned Metadata
- Unique Identifier Number
- Size (full text document)

Report to LOWG, 2005


DOE Fugitive Document Project Conceptual Approach

Report to LOWG, 2005


Product/Service Update

Report to LOWG, 2005


Usage Increases
Use of OSTI resources measurably increases based on patron transactions
In recent years, OSTI has increased information accessibility online, thus greatly increasing the number of citizens and scientists who avail themselves of DOE R&D research results

Report to LOWG, 2005


Costs Decrease

Efficiency and Effectiveness: By streamlining data requirements and using innovative technologies, costs and time have been reduced for the R&D tracking and deliverables reporting system.
Pre-Web Cost per customer transaction (1995): $43.14
Cost per customer transaction via Online systems: $0.29
OSTI has reduced costs while increasing accessibility.

Report to LOWG, 2005


OSTI cited as the third most-visited DOE Web site
Source: Alexa.com, March 2005

Report to LOWG, 2005


Statistics show broad use of OSTI's Web information tools

Who uses OSTI's information Web tools? Scientists, researchers, teachers, students, managers, citizens, government agencies, businesses . . .
Business: 14%
Government: 15%
Education: 6%
International: 22%
Internet Providers: 14%
Unidentified: 29%

Report to LOWG, 2005


A Wealth of Research Material
Office of Scientific and Technical Information

Report to LOWG, 2005


DOE Information Bridge: An Old Friend Gets New Life!
Released April 1998
Over 110,000 searchable full-text reports and bibliographic citations
Over 7 million searchable pages
From 1994 forward
Topics include physics, chemistry, materials, biology, environmental sciences, energy technologies, engineering, computer and information science, renewable energy

Report to LOWG, 2005


Legacy Additions
20,000 from FY1994 were added June 2005
30,000 from FY1993 to be added by end of December 2006
30,000 from FY1992 to be added by end of January 2006
Plus ad hoc titles on an ongoing basis

Report to LOWG, 2005


Information Bridge


Report to LOWG, 2005


The New Look!

Report to LOWG, 2005


Fielded Searching!

Report to LOWG, 2005


Author Searching!

Report to LOWG, 2005


Thesaurus Tool!

Report to LOWG, 2005


Thesaurus Tool! (Cont.)

Report to LOWG, 2005



Report to LOWG, 2005


Science Research Connection (SRC)
SRC draws together, in a single place, scientific and technical information previously contained in the DOE Information Bridge (IB), the DOE Energy Citations Database (ECD), as well as additional STI available to the DOE community.
SRC provides users access to over 6 million bibliographic citations and over 145,000 full-text documents spanning more than 6 decades of DOE research

Report to LOWG, 2005


Science Research Connection
Released in April 2005 and built exclusively for DOE and DOE Contractors, this Web-based product is intended for scientists and information specialists as a way to enhance their research on behalf of DOE.
Special Features Include:
Search Result Manipulation
Save Search Capability
Alert Services
Shopping cart
Field Sorting
Downloadable Bibliographic Data to EndNote
Basic Search and Sophisticated Search Options Are Available Including:
Wild Card
Full Text

Report to LOWG, 2005


SRC Search Results

Report to LOWG, 2005


Science Conferences
The OSTI Science Conferences portal was devised to expedite access to conference papers and proceedings in various fields of science and technology. Emphasis is on U.S. conferences hosted and/or published by scientific and professional organizations whose areas of focus relate substantially to the Department of Energy's mission.

This portal provides the capability to search for conference information on multiple web sites and databases with a single query utilizing a combination of surface web and deep web tools (specifically Distributed Explorit from Deep Web Technologies) that can reach where ordinary search engines cannot.

Report to LOWG, 2005


Science Conferences (Cont.)

Report to LOWG, 2005


Science Conferences, Ranked Results

Report to LOWG, 2005


Science Conferences, Ranked results for: solar

Report to LOWG, 2005


FY06 Activities

Report to LOWG, 2005


Planned FY-06 Activities
SRC Version 2
Patents Database
Science Links
Enterprise SecureNet Project
Implementation of A-76
E-Government Act Requirements
Diskless Transition in LSA

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