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Tracking Trends and Informing Actions


Tracking Trends and Informing Actions

IEA Clean Energy Technologies Symposium
Suntec City, Singapore
2-3 November 2010

Brian A. Hitson
U.S. Department of Energy
Office of Scientific and Technical Information
Chair, IEA Energy Technology Data Exchange

"The calculus of innovation is really quite simple: Knowledge drives innovation; Innovation drives productivity; Productivity drives our economic growth."

(William Brody, President, Johns Hopkins University, 2005)


ETDE Implementing Agreement

• Comprehensive and cross-cutting
  • 15 government signatories from five continents
  • 5 partners
• Mission
  • "To provide governments, industry and the research community in the member countries with access to the widest range of information on energy research, science and technology and to increase dissemination of this information todeveloping countries."


ETDE Stakeholders

Government Signatories:
• Brazil
• Canada
• Denmark
• Finland
• Germany
• Korea, Rep. of
• Mexico
• The Netherlands
• Norway
• Portugal
• South Africa
• Spain
• Sweden
• Switzerland
• United States

IAEA International Nuclear Information System (INIS)
IEA Clean Coal Centre
World Energy Congress
IEA Hydrogen Implementing Agreement



• The world's largest energy RD&D "knowledge"base (4.4 million records)
• More efficient than a Google search (87 percent unique!)
• Avoids duplication of research efforts
• Accelerates research collection process
• Identifies experts in particular research areas around the world
• "ETDEWEB is clearly the information system of reference; many national websites on energy RTD link to ETDEWEB."
  – Energy RTD Information Systems in the European Research Area, European Commission, 2007


Energy and Environmental Records

Topic Records
Nuclear >1 million
Renewables 698,611
Fossil energy 556,554
Environmental (land, water or atmosphere) 427,497
Energy planning, policy and economy 210,457
Energy efficiency, conservation, consumption and use 197,692
Transportation/Advanced Propulsion 78,594
Fuel Cells, energy storage/conversion 78,170

Renewable Energies

Topic Records
Hydrogen 285,213
Solar or Photovoltaic 182,392
Biomass, biofuels, bioenergy 81,931
Wind 46,083
Hydro 35,846
Geothermal 34,920
Synthetic Fuels 29,538
Tidal and Wave 2,688    

How does ETDEWEB work?


Screen capture of ETDEWEB "Easy Search"


Screen capture of ETDEWEB "Easy Search Results"

Search Refinement Aid
search phrase
# of records found
Note diversity of sources: Brazil, Canada, Brunei, Malaysia


Screen capture of ETDEWEB "Bibliographic Citation"

Translate record in 34 languages
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Screen capture of full text "Doria"


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Link to journal article


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Some Interesting titles for Asia and ASEAN countries:

ETDEWEB Bibliographic Citation


Some Interesting titles…

ETDEWEB Bibliographic Citation
Fourteen lessons learned from the successful nuclear power program of the Republic of Korea


Some Interesting titles…

ETDEWEB Bibliographic Citation
Preliminary investigation of the potential of harnessing tidal energy for electricity generation in Malaysia


Some Interesting titles…

ETDEWEB Bibliographic Citation
Fast market penetration of energy techologies in retrospect with application to clean energy futures


Some Interesting titles…

ETDEWEB Bibliographic Citation
Implications of using clean technologies to power selected ASEAN countries


Screen capture of ETDEWEB Federated Search


Screen capture of ETDEWEB Federated Search Results


ETDEWEB Access and Use

• Access limited to ETDE signatories and specific developing countries.
• Recent innovations in domain recognition technology (e.g., ".de"(Germany) domain) allow user "authentication"without password or registration.
• Usage has increased by twenty-fold among member and developing countries.
• Translations 'widget' for 34 languages.


Developing Country Access

Afghanistan Guatemala Nigeria
Albania Guinea Pakistan
Algeria Guinea-Bissau Palestinian Territories (West Bank/ Gaza)
Angola Guyana Papua New Guinea
Armenia Haiti Paraguay
Azerbaijan Honduras Peru
Bangladesh Indonesia Philippines
Belize Iraq Rwanda
Benin Jordan Samoa
Bhutan Kenya Sao Tome and Principe
Bolivia Kiribati Senegal
Burkina Faso Kyrgyzstan Sierra Leone
Burundi Lao People's Democratic Republic Solomon Islands
Cambodia Lesotho Somalia
Cameroon Liberia Sri Lanka
Cape Verde Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of Swaziland
Central African Republic Madagascar Tajikistan
Chad Malawi Tanzania, United Republic of
Colombia Maldives Thailand
Comoros Mali Timor-Leste
Congo Marshall Islands Togo
Congo, The Democratic Republic of Mauritania Tonga
Cote d'Ivoire Micronesia, Federated States of Tunisia
Djibouti Moldova, Republic of Turkmenistan
Ecuador Mongolia Uganda
Egypt Morocco Ukraine
El Salvador Mozambique Uzbekistan
Eritrea Myanmar Vanuatu
Ethiopia Namibia Vietnam
Gambia Nepal Yemen
Georgia Nicaragua Zambia
Ghana Niger Zimbabwe


ETDE Membership

• Task-sharing: prepare and submit records of energy RTD activities published within the member country (from journals, technical reports, conference proceedings, books, etc.), including full text when available.
• Cost-sharing: make contribution to cover annual cost of the exchange (i.e., primarily, ETDEWEB), consisting of "base" fee and "additional"contribution (related to national energy R&D expenditures relative to other member countries).
• Contracting party has right to determine ETDEWEB access policies and any fees within its national borders.



• Becoming a member in ETDE will:
• Increase national research capabilities
• Provide a sound basis for decision-making
• Drive innovation

Brian Hitson
U.S. DOE Office of Scientific and Technical Information
Chair, Energy Technology Data Exchange