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STI Program - A Year in Review, A Look Ahead


STI Program & A Year in Review, A Look Ahead

Sharon M. Jordan
Assistant Director


A Year Later . . .
The strength of the STIP community lies in its people.

New Faces & and several old friends

New Products & or New Features for old ones

New Priorities – and some progress to report on last year's list


Slide 3: Leadership and Staff

Walter L. Warnick,
RL Scott, Deputy Director
Vince Dattoria, Senior Advisor

Administration & Information

Brian Hitson, Assoc. Director

Information Systems
Karen Spence, Assistant Director

Program Integration
Sharon Jordan, Assistant Director

STI Acquisitions
& Management, Judy Gilmore

STI policies and procedures, e-journal consortia, R&D project summaries, intellectual property rights, special projects

Brabson, Delores
Elliott, Jannean
Foust, Susie

Waldrop, Kathy

Chambers, Kathy

Goodman, Paulette
Rita Hohenbrink

External Relations
& Communication, Linda Ponce

SC communication liaison, OSTI home page, web policies, interagency & E-gov initiatives, software, report requests

Allen, Valerie
Buckner, Kim
Simmons, Patricia

Daniels, Cathey

Moss, Nena

Evans, Daphne


As always… content is full-text searchable

Fielded Search
Subject Select
Author Select
Download to EndNote
Growing . . . over 121,000 full-text docs


STI Product Types

Information Bridge – Full-Text Docs

Energy Citations Database – Citations w/wo Full Text

Accomplishments Report 0.06%
Book 0.63%
Conference Paper/Proceedings 26.45%
Journal Citations 30.16%
Patents/Patent Applications
Technical Report 41.60%
Thesis 0.99%


Science Research Connection: One Year Old
In a single search, you (DOE and DOE contractors) can access public STI found in IB or ECD as well as access-limited STI
Introduced many new features!
Currently contains > 6 million bibliographic citations and > 175,000 full-text documents.
DOE/DOE contractor requests:
Over 1,000 FT documents requested
Over half have been scanned and made available
Currently 260 requests in process (e.g., review, scanning)
Approx 260 document requests could not be "honored" because FT not available (journal articles, copyrighted books or conferences)


Access Limitations

AT 0%
CPY w/Restrictions 7%
ECI 5%
OUO 10%
PAT 3%
SBIR 33%
USD & SSI 21%
NOTE: All categories of limited access STI combined equal only 4.5% of total STI.


Version 3.0 – November 2005

MetaRank: More sophisticated relevancy ranking of results using more metadata

Advanced search and Boolean operators: More precise query using AND, OR or NOT; parentheses; and wildcards.

Early search returns: View and work with results while Science.gov continues searching and ranking; then "refresh" ranked listing.

Preferences: Customize your search by selecting number of results, length of ranking time, and other options.

Alerts: Now incorporate 3.0 search features

Coming Soon! NSDL to be added to Deep Web search.


DOE has largest share of Federal STI in Science.gov*
DOC 10%
DOD 3%
DOE 24%
DOI 10%
ED 1%
EPA 7%
GPO 1%
HHS 13%
NSF 8%
USDA 16%
*Based on number of URLs in Web site catalogue as of April 2006
Note: DOE also contributes over 21% of the 50 million pages in Science.gov search.


Science.gov Stacks Up

Product Real Time Search? Relevancy Ranked? Known Sources? Scholarly Info? Scholarly Info? Ads?
Science.gov, Version 3.0
Google Scholar
Windows Academic


E-print Network
EPN is growing: # of docs increased more than 37% since April 2005

As of April 2006

More than 20,000 Web sites indexed
More than 800,000 e-print documents from scientific Web sites available
More than 2,900 scientific societies


Home Pages Updated
DOE unveiled January 2006
SC in progress
OSTI redesign unveiled September 2005



"Outreach" proving to be a success.
RSS News Feed added in August 2005.
Press hits about OSTI products and services for first half of FY2006 exceed annual average.
Blogs (not included in stats) are currently too numerous to count.
Over 3,000 requests for OSTI RSS page in the first 20 days of April


Usage Up, Costs Down
The number of citizens and scientists who access DOE R&D research results grows while operating costs decline.

In FY 2005, 2.7 million docs were downloaded.

Pre-Web: Cost per customer transaction (1995): $43.14


Energy Link
Renewed Web forms
Updated options, e.g., access limitations
Added DOI field
Began caching FT hosted at site URLs
Made passwords compliant
Revealed the “hidden”
Migrated years of records into E-Link
and assigned site codes where possible


Metadata Records Submitted to OSTI


Metadata Harvested FY2006 YTD*

*FY2006 numbers are ONLY for harvested records as of March 31, 2006, and do NOT include records these labs submitted via other means (e.g., XML batch or Web 241.1).


Full Text STI: Hosted by Lab or Submitted to OSTI
FY 2006 numbers are as of April 20, 2006


Seamless Access Through STIP

Currently OSTI Provides stewardship for almost 5M citations and 1.5M documents

Over 121,000 of these reports are publicly available online and fully searchable

Fully searchable through OSTI, but 25 percent are hosted by the labs!


Legacy Additions by OSTI

FY 2004: Microfiche: ~15,530 documents from 1994
Hardcopy: ~700 document
Added to E-link and IB in June 2005
FY 2005: Microfiche: ~38,000 documents from 1991* – 1993 & 1995
Hardcopy: ~10,213 documents
Being Added to E-link and IB this year in phases
FY 2006: Microfiche: ~18,334 documents from 1990 – 1991 (as budget allows)
Hardcopy: ~2,780 documents (to date)


Energy Science and Technology Software Center
Online searchable software catalog made available in September 2005.
Some improvements made to PDF form, but more work on horizon!
Next steps:
Redesign Energy Software Management System (ESMS), used for software inventory control, customer management, and order processing.
Develop a new “Web" version of the DOE F 241.4 form, to enable the submitting organizations to input data and the ESMS system will automatically be updated, much like E-Link.


Software Submittal FY 2000 to present

Site # Pkgs Rec'd CPY Letters CPY Software Rec'd
ANL 56 15 4
BNL 0 0 0
FNAL 0 0 0
INL 11 2 14
LANL 44 69 22
LBNL 71 67 8
LLNL 65 63 4
NREL 0 0 0
ORNL 3 17 1
PNNL 4 0 0
SLAC 3 3 0
SNL 209 273 132


International Program
In May 2005, "Energy Research and Technological Development (RTD) Information Systems in the ERA (European Research Area)," issued positive comments regarding OSTI's activities.
In March 2006, at invitation of European Commission, Brian Hitson traveled to Brussels to meet with the Ad Hoc Working Group on Energy RTD Information Systems in Europe
OSTI participating this week in Strategic Planning for Multilateral Nuclear R&D Information Exchange in Vienna, meeting of the INIS Liaison Officers from the major input centers (Brazil, France, Germany, Japan, Russian Federation, and the United States)


Energy Technology Data Exchange

ETDEWEB continues to grow: Users can search over 3,687,000 bibliographic records and more than 154,000 full-text documents

Alert Service added
Search tool enhanced
Brian Hitson of OSTI is currently chair of ETDE


Over 829,000 searchable NSA records to be available

NSAView is a special product created on behalf of the International Atomic Energy Agency's International Nuclear Information System (IAEA/INIS)
Records from historic Nuclear Science Abstracts collection, 1948–1976
Product complements the online INIS database, for users within the INIS database system.


Open Archives Initiative (OAI) server has opened more than 120,000 DOE scientific and technical reports on OSTI's Information Bridge for harvesting by the Online Computer Center Library (OCLC)
Records are being added to WorldCat (in progress)
OAI server also allowed records to be picked up by NSF's National Science Digital Library (NSDL)


CrossRef & DOIs
Last year, OSTI joined CrossRef as opportunity to assign DOIs to DOE's documents, enabling links to be added to citations.
OSTI implemented changes:
E-link includes a DOI field.
For documents in IB which have no DOI, OSTI is set to register a DOI with CrossRef.
However, CrossRef postponed implementation.
Assignment of DOIs to DOE documents is imminent
In meantime, we are obtaining DOIs for journal citations when adequate data is available to identify specific article.


Records Management
Records Management. Link to larger image.
OSTI Schedule
On April 11, 2006, the STI Records Schedule formally submitted to the CIO Headquarters Office for NARA approval.

The STI Records Schedule covers all three media formats: (1) hard copy, (2) microfiche, and (3) electronic records.

Beginning in 2010, with an approved NARA STI records schedule, OSTI will electronically transfer to NARA unclassified, publicly available electronic full-text records.

R&D Schedule
NARA continues progress


Guidance for Applied Technology Information
Updated guidance for handling Applied Technology information has been issued by DOE's Office of Nuclear Energy, Science, and Technology:
Removed high-temperature gas-cooled reactors
Included OUO marking
Updated contacts
Issued to OSTI April 13, 2006
Memo provided in notebook


Relevancy Ranking Project
Ongoing project to increase relevancy ranking in Information Bridge and ECD.
Focuses on adding increased weights to search terms that appear in the title or description of a record.
The relevancy appears to be improved, although relevance is, well, relative.


Reference Linking
Option is still being offered to link citations in IB reports.
Requests received from authors are processed.
Few "enhanced" documents are uploaded by hosting sites.
Concern for maintaining links and added effort.
Proposal under consideration:
OSTI could offer version with links as alternative format
Full text is available in the Information Bridge in a variety of formats.
Format possibilities for full text are indicated by the icons for PDF, TIFF, etc.
Content is unchanged.
Allows a "green banana" the opportunity to ripen.


Site being redesigned for Office of Classification (SP-50)

Easier to navigate
More full text available and searchable electronically
Expected to be available by early July
STI in OPENnet will be available to the STI collections. This functionality will be available sometime after the redesigned web site is completed.

To send suggestions or electronic collections of OPENnet documents to OSTI, please contact Rita Hohenbrink (hohenbrinkr@osti.gov) or email opennet@osti.gov.


Harvesting Fugitives
The trend in recent years is for agencies to directly post federal publications to the Web.
DOE has a long history of making scientific and technical information (STI) available to the FDLP program.
GPO has launched two simultaneous Web harvesting pilot projects:
Crawling EPA's Websites to harvest publications within scope of but missing from the FDLP
To ultimately become part of GPO's Future Digital System.
Scheduled to begin in March 2006 for six-month period.


DOE Fugitive Documents
OSTI conducted a pilot to determine if DOE fugitives existed:
DOE sponsored or authored by DOE or DOE contractor personnel
Publicly available (unclassified/unlimited)
Within scope of DOE's R&D mission
Located on a DOE organization Web site (program office, national laboratory, etc.)
Have a title and a link to full text
Not already included in OSTI collection, either as full text document or metadata record with a URL
In a form and format technologically manageable by OSTI's current systems.
Alas, documents were found!
Analysis continues . . . so stay tuned.


Records compiled for new comprehensive database:

DOE HQ Patents (2002–2005) — 1,858
Patent Weasel (1976–2002) — 12,869
OSTI historic databases — Approx. 120,000
Next steps:

Design of site is ongoing
Record clean-up and de-duping in progress
User interface development scheduled for Summer 2006


Our Goals Remain
Take steps to make DOE’s research results more visible, used, and praised
Ensure comprehensive collection (physical or digital) for access and preservation
Enhance precision search tools
Add efficiencies and effectiveness at every turn
Reduce burden as much as possible
Think and do innovation in every aspect of STI management


OSTI's Web Tools in Top 100
In August 2005, OSTI’s products held six slots in Top 100 Science/Technology Government Information Web sites by the Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL).
Science.gov, the cross-agency science portal hosted by OSTI, topped the Science Search Engine category, followed by FirstGov and Google's Uncle Sam [exit federal site].
OSTI's EnergyFiles, Federal R&D Project Summaries, and GrayLit Network were listed as top General/Portal sites, with EnergyFiles getting a second nod under ACRL's Federal Math and Physical Sciences category.
OSTI's ETDE World Energy Base is listed in the International category.


Guide Update
My apologies to the Guide Team that diligently completed their work last year.
Held up by significant changes in plans for dealing with classified and UCNI, including a new draft DOE Form 241.5.
Undergoing formal review prior to submission to RevCom.
Also considering ways to improve process in future:
Subdividing into smaller guides
Issuing interim documents (memos, etc.) to alert STIP community to changes

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