U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science Office of Scientific and Technical Information

Forging New Ground Fostering a Knowledge of Science


Dr. Walter Warnick, Director U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Scientific and Technical Information (OSTI) Web-Enabled Government Conference Washington, DC June 2, 2005


Forging New Ground

We've forged new ground by successfully pioneering distributed search across disparate, non-standardized sources.


OSTI's Vision

Our vision for the future rests on the premise that emerging computing power and fast networks have only just begun to revolutionize scientific communication.
Our vision and our intention is to accelerate the sharing of scientific knowledge.


Dispensing with the Fancy Words …

Our purpose is to help people know about science.


OSTI's Mission

We are a component of the DOE Office of Science. Our mission is to advance science and sustain technological creativity by making R&D findings available and useful to DOE researchers and the American people.


Two-Way Street

But it's not just researchers in need of acceleration of knowledge diffusion.
Science is, at the very least, a two-way street.
As rapid advances in research enhance the economic well-being and health of the public, so too does research rely heavily on public support.


We will start by:

Expanding volume
Increasing searchable content within databases; increasing number of databases

Amplifying power
Employing emerging technologies, such as grid (Science.gov 4.0); increasing computing power and storage

Enhancing use of data
Integrating analytical tools and other aids; improving sophistication of relevance ranking; implementing next-generation algorithms and visualization techniques
All which foster rapid assimilation of the knowledge researchers need!


Science Progresses only if Knowledge is Shared

Global Discovery Corollary
If you accelerate the sharing of knowledge, you accelerate scientific progress
OSTI is working to accelerate knowledge diffusion


The Art of the Possible

We've done that, are doing that, by understanding the 'art of the possible' .
We've achieved success in developing innovative, groundbreaking tools that have made DOE information access quicker, cheaper, more convenient, and more complete than ever before


Authoritative Selected Science Information

Science.gov offers three key elements to search technology:
Federated search
Relevance ranking of federated results
Alerts of federated databases
OMB E-Government Report to Congress on March 1, 2005, noted that Science.gov was one of two efforts, government-wide, satisfying the requirements of Section 207 of the E-Gov Act.


Science Access

We take strong exception to the notion that science is so complex that non-scientists need not have access.


The Mission

After all, you can't love something unless you know about it.
So back to our mission: We want to assist people who want to learn about science.


OSTI's Purpose

That's been OSTI's purpose for almost six decades.
Forging new ground to help foster a knowledge of science.

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