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Science.gov 4.0 Launched at AAAS 2007

Science.gov launched Version
in San Francisco on Friday, February 16, at the American
Association for the Advancement of Science Annual Meeting
. This latest version deploys DeepRank,
which allows search and relevancy ranking across full text of documents when full text is available. In addition, Science.gov 4.0 adds a "refine
results" option to narrow returns within a search, as well as an "e-mail results" feature so that individuals may e-mail important science information
to themselves, friends and family, or colleagues. Version 4.0 offers more ways to view search results: by title, author or date, as well as by relevancy
rank or source, as in earlier versions. OSTI hosts Science.gov, the interagency portal to federal scientific databases and Web sites.

Last updated on Friday 13 September 2013