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Science Web sites featured at Science.gov

In one query, you can search over 30 databases and more than 1,800 scientific Web sites from 13 federal government agencies at Science.gov. Currently, featured sites include Fuel Economy, Mosquito Control, and National Earthquake Information Center. Science.gov's featured sites are rotated frequently, but you can access a comprehensive list of previous features by going to the Science.gov Web site and selecting the Featured Sites Archive link at the bottom right of the page. Or you can access all the sites from the Explore Selected Science Web Sites by topic area on the home page. In addition to scientific Web sites, Science.gov provides a federated search of deep Web databases. Enjoy free access to more than 50 million pages of scientific information. Sign up for a free Alert Service for weekly e-mail updates about your favorite science topics, and e-mail your favorite search results to friends and colleagues. Science.gov was developed through the interagency Science.gov Alliance and is hosted by OSTI.

Last updated on Friday 13 September 2013