U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science Office of Scientific and Technical Information

Librarians learn ways to quickly share Energy Department, federal agency, and global science info at SLA

Librarians were provided opportunities to test drive efficient ways to share DOE, federal agency, and global research information at two SLA Conference booths supported by OSTI June 13-17 in Washington, DC. OSTI exhibited the DOE Science Accelerator, a science information portal that provides single-query search of 10 DOE databases. Also at this booth, OSTI showcased its MARC records capability, which allows records of DOE technical report literature to be downloaded in a format suitable for library catalogues everywhere, expanding access to a variety of scientific research. OSTI also planned and helped staff a Science.gov exhibit in coordination with CENDI, the interagency group of senior information managers. The exhibit provided live demonstrations of the Science.gov search engine as well as WorldWideScience.org, the global science gateway. The search engines are maintained and hosted at OSTI./>

Last updated on Friday 13 September 2013