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Connectivity and Communications in Global Science

by Dr. Lali Chatterjee 28 Jun, 2010 in Products and Content

The recent launch of a new multilingual search capability for international science-  multilingual WorldWideScience.org (see www.science.doe.gov ) represents a significant step

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Multilingual WorldWideScience.orgBETA Officially Launched

by Lorrie Johnson 21 Jun, 2010 in Technology

On June 11, the Multilingual WorldWideScience.org BETA was officially launched in Helsinki, Finland at the International Council for Scientific and Technical Information (ICSTI) annual conference.  This new capability is the result of an international public-private partnership between the WorldWideScience.org Alliance and Microsoft Research, whose translations technology has been paired with the federated searching technology of Deep Web Technologies. 

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No Alternative to Federated Search

by Dr. Walt Warnick 10 May, 2010 in Technology

Discovery services have begun to appear in the search landscape.  Discovery services provide access to documents from publishers with which they have relationships by indexing the publishers’ metadata and/or full text. Discovery services are marketed to libraries where patrons appreciate near-instantaneous search results and where library staff is willing to restrict access to sources available from the service (and optionally the library's own holdings.)  While these services tout themselves as improvements to federated search, the reality is that there is no alternative to federated search for a number of important applications.


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A Remarkable Encomium for WorldWideScience.org

by Kristin Bingham 26 Feb, 2010 in Products and Content

“World Wide Science is the world’s most important scientific resource, where the global science community can share knowledge.”  This remarkable encomium did not come from just any casual observer, but from a leader of one of the world’s top information organizations.  While interviewing with Information World Review, Richard Boulderstone, director of e-strategy and information systems at the British Library, shared this perspective. 

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WorldWideScience.org: The Importance of Being Unique

by Lorrie Johnson 13 Oct, 2009 in Products and Content

In a world replete with information sources and options, it is imperative to offer users something unique.  WorldWideScience.org (WWS.org), a federated search product that currently provides a single point of access to 61 scientific databases and portals from more than 60 countries, is a remarkably unique scientific discovery tool.  Representing more than thr

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The X-Portal Vision of the Future

by Peter Lincoln 05 Oct, 2009 in Technology

As OSTI Director Walt Warnick likes to say, today's Web is like the Model T Ford -- revolutionary but ready for vast improvement. This is especially true when it comes to making the Web work for science and technology. In that spirit I want to describe a new kind of Web Portal, one which has yet to be built. It is called the X-Portal.

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The Knowledge Investment Curve

by Dr. Walt Warnick 19 Aug, 2009 in Science Communications

Every scientist knows that science advances only if knowledge is shared. Mathematically, this statement implies that the advance of science is a function of both the sharing of research results, as well as doing the original research.

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OSTI's Pioneering Technology Efforts

by Mark Martin 24 Jul, 2009 in Technology

A typical misconception I face when I tell people that I work within the government is that they think my job, even though it is in the technology arena, must move at a snail's pace relative to the commercial sector. This preconceived notion that our government crawls along relative to technology adoption and innovation - at least in my experience - is way off the mark.

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Surfing the Internet Gets Deep

by Stacy Kish 15 Jul, 2009 in Science Communications

WorldWideScience provides a one-stop search engine to mine global scientific databases in the deep web

The internet has revolutionized society by changing the way people communicate, find information, and enjoy entertainment. But a standard internet search misses at least 90 percent of the information available. 

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Tool Supports OSTI Mashups

by Mary Schorn 14 Jul, 2009 in Products and Content

Did you know that science information is available via web "mashups"? Web "mashups" combine multiple products/services into a single application for the purpose of consolidating information with an easy-to-use interface.

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