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Science.gov Makes Further Advances

by Valerie Allen 03 Dec, 2010 in Products and Content

Have you noticed that navigating through Science.gov is faster than before?  We completed a major software upgrade the week prior to Thanksgiving in which highly technical improvements were made to the site.  While many of the improvements are “behind the scenes” some you might notice are:

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OSTI Connects with Universities Nationwide

by Linda McBrearty 23 Oct, 2009 in Products and Content

One of OSTI’s founding missions is to support education. From the early 1960s when OSTI provided educational materials on the atom and published the booklet called “Understanding the Atom” we have been committed to education. While information in OSTI databases can be used by teachers, students and parents for Kindergarten through High School, many of the technical documents and research findings are better suited for university studies.

OSTI’s databases contain thousands of university research projects that were either funded by DOE or sponsored through partnerships. Who needs this higher-level information? University students, professors and librarians need ready access to this information to advance scientific discovery! OSTI’s goal is to provide all of this information in an easily accessible, organized, online format that is available at no cost. And we’ve done just that! Now OSTI is focusing on how we can help communicate better and ensure that the DOE laboratory research communities have immediate access to these priceless resources. We’re working hard to connect with research universities across the nation to let them know about these great resources.


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Dynamically OSTI--Web 2.0 -- Enabling Information-Enabling Users-Enabling Acceleration

by Erin Anderson 19 Jun, 2009 in Products and Content

Fluidity is about being flexible, variable, graceful and agile. OSTI as an organization is fluid.

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Science, Knowledge, Experience, and the Facebook-Way

by Erin Anderson 18 Dec, 2008 in Products and Content

OSTI Experiences Facebook--Part One


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