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Eleanor Frierson: A Tribute to the Grande Dame of Government Science Information Partnerships


Eleanor Frierson: A Tribute to the Grande Dame of Government Science Information Partnerships

Eleanor Frierson, who passed away in April 2013, was the grande dame of partnerships to improve public access to federal and international science information.  For 10 years, she helped spearhead U.S. interagency efforts to make federal science information more accessible to Americans, playing an absolutely crucial leadership role on the Alliance.  She took  all the way from a nascent concept through to its maturation.  Ms. Frierson also made similar contributions to the international...

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Read more...'s Unique Collaboration is a one-stop portal for federal government science information.  Over 200 million pages of science information from 14 federal agencies may be searched through a single query.  How far we have come in the past decade!

You may not be aware that was developed and is governed by the Alliance, a group of science information managers who began working together to overcome the stovepipes of agency information in 2001.   This unusual collaboration has...

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Introducing 5.0

Science.Gov 5.0 is now available!

The first thing you'll notice is the new main page design. The same elements are there, but reconfigured to update the website look and feel. We have also added seven deep web sources (see DOE press release) into the search. 

If you're a frequent user of, you may have had a hand in the recent enhancements. Many of the new 5.0 technical features are in response to past suggestions from users....

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