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World Wide Information: The Other Side of the Coin

by Kristin Bingham 29 Mar, 2011 in Products and Content

Much has been written in this blog about WorldWideScience.org.  As regular readers well know, it is a global gateway to scientific and technical databases conceived, developed, and operated by the US Department of Energy’s Office of Scientific and Technical Information.

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Mutual Benefits at Work!

by Mary Schorn 23 Mar, 2011 in Products and Content

DOE OSTI recently hosted a graduate student from the University of Michigan (UM) School of Information (SI) for a week in our Germantown offices.  The student, Ryan Tabor, was participating in the UM SI Alternative Spring Break (ASB) program, which matches graduate students with professional-experience projects identified by host organizations.  Ryan's graduate school specialty area is human-computer interaction. That, coupled with his undergraduate degree in psychology and his work experience on IT Help Desks, created a great match for OSTI's project -- a usability study of DOE R&D Accomplishments.

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ScienceEducation.gov Recognized by the White House

by Joanna Martin 14 Dec, 2010 in Products and Content

The President’s Open Government Initiative asks three things of the federal government: transparency, participation, and collaboration. OSTI, in partnership with the DOE Office of Workforce Development for Teachers and Scientists (WDTS) and through a voluntary interagency coordinating group, has achieved all three in one project: ScienceEducation.gov.

The White House recognized this achievement by posting ScienceEducation.gov on the Open Government Innovations Gallery (read more about the OSTP recognition on the DOE Blog and the DOE facebook page).

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Science.gov Makes Further Advances

by Valerie Allen 03 Dec, 2010 in Products and Content

Have you noticed that navigating through Science.gov is faster than before?  We completed a major software upgrade the week prior to Thanksgiving in which highly technical improvements were made to the site.  While many of the improvements are “behind the scenes” some you might notice are:

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Technical Reports and Journal Articles

by Bob Marianelli 20 Aug, 2010 in Products and Content

Technical reports and journal articles are both used to report the results of research and development projects. There are differences between the two that are driven by the objectives of each form of reporting.

The primary objective of journal articles is to report results of experimental and/or theoretical scientific investigations to enhance the body of scientific knowledge. This is the primary way that (1) science advances and (2) the scientific community communicates among its members and practitioners. Typically, there are space limitations prescribed by the journal publisher that limit the length of journal articles usually to only a few pages. Journal articles are almost always subjected to a rigorous peer review process before they are accepted for publication.

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OSTI Makes "Non-Googleable" Science and Technology Searchable

by Dr. Walt Warnick 09 Jul, 2010 in Products and Content

The success of Google has been so profound that the word “Google” is now considered a verb. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Google_(verb) “To Google” has come to mean to search the web via the free search engine provided by Google, Inc.

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OSTI Not Only Has a Mission, OSTI is On a Mission

by Dr. Walt Warnick 06 Jul, 2010 in Products and Content

The notion that science progresses only if knowledge is shared is the reason that OSTI wascreated in 1947. Documents sent to and from President Franklin Roosevelt near the end of World War II included this rationale for sharing knowledge, and the concept was incorporated into the Atomic Energy Act of 1946 which led to the creation of OSTI.


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Enormous STI Content Made Easily Searchable by OSTI

by Dr. Walt Warnick 01 Jul, 2010 in Products and Content

We have integrated about ten OSTI products dealing with technical reports, e-prints, patents, conference proceedings, project summaries, etc., so that they are all searchable via s single query.  The integrated product allows users to search without first having to decide which OSTI product is likely to have the content he/she seeks.  This product is ScienceAccelerator.gov.

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Connectivity and Communications in Global Science

by Dr. Lali Chatterjee 28 Jun, 2010 in Products and Content

The recent launch of a new multilingual search capability for international science-  multilingual WorldWideScience.org (see www.science.doe.gov ) represents a significant step

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Science Accelerator Brings You More Access and More to Access

by Mary Schorn 23 Jun, 2010 in Products and Content

You can now have multiple access points to Science Accelerator at your fingertips. Just download the new tabbed widget and you will have access to search Science Accelerator, to the RSS feed, and to the Science Accelerator Alerts.  Download via the 'Get Widget Options' link or by placing the inclusion code in the online location of your choice.

When you use the widget search feature, a federated search provides one-stop simultaneous searching of multiple networked data resources, including the newly-added resources -- DOE Data Explorer and DOE Green Energy.

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