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WorldWideScience - The One-Stop Global Gateway to National Science Portals

by Dr. Walt Warnick 24 Jun, 2008 in Personal Perspectives

I would like to share news of groundbreaking proportion on the subject of accelerating scientific progress.

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Four Generations of Dominick Federal Employees

by Erin Anderson 20 May, 2008 in Personal Perspectives

            When I was a young girl, and someone asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I would tell them that I wanted to work for the Federal Government.  I had reached this conclusion because of my father, who was himself a third-generation federal employee.  My father worked for the Soil Conserv

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Google, Center for Democracy and Technology Recognize OSTI as Leader

by Nena Moss 20 Dec, 2007 in Personal Perspectives

As a staff member involved in OSTI's Web presence, it was personally satisfying today to hear Google's J.L. Needham mention OSTI in testimony to the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee.  Mr. Needham cited OSTI as an example of a government Web site that increased citizen access to government information by incorporating Google's sitemap protocol.

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Mixing Science.gov, Coffee, and a Laptop

by Cathey Daniels 05 Dec, 2007 in Personal Perspectives


Yesterday my son had an emergency appendectomy - these days a pretty routine procedure. But far from routine was the array of drugs offered to get him through the long night ahead.

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Naming the First World Wide Science Gateway

by Kristin Bingham 16 Nov, 2007 in Personal Perspectives

In 2005, the idea of creating a global science gateway for the web was conceived at OSTI.  It would make the best collections of scientific information from nations around the world act as if they were a single enormous collection.  It would be searchable via a single query, and it would be available at no cost to anyone anywhere with web access. 

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