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The Role of Federated Search at OSTI

by Sol Lederman 19 Feb, 2008 in Technology

Federated search is very much at the heart of OSTI's ability to realize its mission.

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Mixing Science.gov, Coffee, and a Laptop

by Cathey Daniels 05 Dec, 2007 in Personal Perspectives


Yesterday my son had an emergency appendectomy - these days a pretty routine procedure. But far from routine was the array of drugs offered to get him through the long night ahead.

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Naming the First World Wide Science Gateway

by Kristin Bingham 16 Nov, 2007 in Personal Perspectives

In 2005, the idea of creating a global science gateway for the web was conceived at OSTI.  It would make the best collections of scientific information from nations around the world act as if they were a single enormous collection.  It would be searchable via a single query, and it would be available at no cost to anyone anywhere with web access. 

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