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The Importance of Cross-fertilization of Ideas

by Sol Lederman 19 May, 2009 in Personal Perspectives

Being someone who really loves mathematics I enjoy reading about the lives of mathematicians, about how they think, and about how they solve problems. And, as an OSTI consultant I recognize the value of having access to the ideas of others when performing research.

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Dr. Warnick Speaks at Computers In Libraries Annual Conference

by Sol Lederman 03 Apr, 2009 in Personal Perspectives

Dr. Walt Warnick, Director of OSTI, recently had the honor of speaking at two events at the Computers In Libraries Conference. I asked Dr. Warnick to share some of his experience and perceptions from the talks through a short interview:

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Growing Up With Federated Search

by Dr. Walt Warnick 17 Mar, 2009 in Personal Perspectives

[Note: This article first appeared in the Federated Search Blog. ]

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On Credibility of Search Results

by Sol Lederman 10 Mar, 2009 in Personal Perspectives

On March 2nd I wrote an article for the Federated Search Blog: On credibility  of search results.

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Pushing the Limits is Key to OSTI's Success

by Dr. Walt Warnick 09 Oct, 2008 in Technology

by Walt Warnick and Sol Lederman

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The Science Knowledge Imperative: Making non-Googleable Science Findable

by Dr. Walt Warnick 15 Aug, 2008 in Products and Content

Just as science progresses only if knowledge is shared, accelerating the sharing of knowledge accelerates science. All of us engaged in disseminating science knowledge have the opportunity and obligation to do our jobs better, for to do so accelerates science itself. 

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WorldWideScience - The One-Stop Global Gateway to National Science Portals

by Dr. Walt Warnick 24 Jun, 2008 in Personal Perspectives

I would like to share news of groundbreaking proportion on the subject of accelerating scientific progress.

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Navigating Technological Transformation

by Dr. Walt Warnick 07 Apr, 2008 in Technology

Today, all of OSTI's information products are on the web. This is in sharp contrast to the situation as recently as the mid-1990s, when OSTI had no products on the web.

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Sophisticated Yet Simple - The Technology Behind OSTI's E-print Network: Part 3

by Sol Lederman 21 Mar, 2008 in Technology

This is the third, and final, article in a series. The first article provided an overview of the E-print Network.

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Federated Search - The Wave of the Future?: Part 2

by Dr. Walt Warnick 13 Mar, 2008 in Technology

by Walt Warnick and Sol Lederman

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