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Customized Services for the Department of Energy Research Community

by Debbie Nuchols 16 Jul, 2009 in Products and Content

While the majority of the Office of Scientific and Technical Information's (OSTI) activities are focused on making the Department of Energy's (DOE) scientific and technical information widely accessible, OSTI also provides special services to the Department and its contractor community. 

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Surfing the Internet Gets Deep

by Stacy Kish 15 Jul, 2009 in Science Communications

WorldWideScience provides a one-stop search engine to mine global scientific databases in the deep web

The internet has revolutionized society by changing the way people communicate, find information, and enjoy entertainment. But a standard internet search misses at least 90 percent of the information available. 

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Tool Supports OSTI Mashups

by Mary Schorn 14 Jul, 2009 in Products and Content

Did you know that science information is available via web "mashups"? Web "mashups" combine multiple products/services into a single application for the purpose of consolidating information with an easy-to-use interface.

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Impact of Basic Research on Innovation

by Kristin Bingham 01 Jun, 2009 in Personal Perspectives

 The development of MP3 technologies illustrates the unexpected benefits of basic research. In 1965, a hand-sized storage and playback device that would hold 15,000 recorded songs was the stuff of science fiction. Even simple hand-held calculators were rare and expensive at that time.

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What's in the OSTI Legacy Collection?

by Tim Byrne 20 Mar, 2009 in Products and Content

The DOE Office of Scientific and Technical Information legacy collection contains an estimated one million technical reports representing six decades of energy research that is, for the most part, unavailable in electronic format.  On average, OSTI receives close to two hundred requests each month to digitize specific reports, with the vast majority of the requests coming from

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OSTI is Committed to Facilitating Science Research

by Karen Spence 04 Dec, 2008 in Technology

is driven! We are fully committed to providing scientists and
researchers with the social networking tools and services that can
make it easier for them to more rapidly advance their scientific
research. We have a number of exciting ongoing initiatives in support

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China Joins the WorldWideScience Alliance: Why This is Important

by Brian Hitson 29 Oct, 2008 in Products and Content

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Join the discussion on important DOE research

by Michelle Turpin 07 Oct, 2008 in Products and Content

Our team is excited to announce that you can now join in or start discussions on important DOE research and development in the Information Bridge collection.

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Dr. Bob Marianelli: A Catalyst for Accelerating Chemical Science

by Sol Lederman 05 Sep, 2008 in Personal Perspectives

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OSTI and Reference Linking

by Daphne Evans 13 May, 2008 in Technology

OSTI actively supports the practice of Reference Linking.

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