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OSTI and Its Mission Highlighted in Secretary Chu’s Policy Statement on Scientific Integrity

by Peter Lincoln 17 May, 2012 in Science Communications

The Office of Scientific and Technical Information (OSTI) plays an integral role in ensuring transparency and access to the results of the Department of Energy’s scientific efforts – and such transparency and access help assure DOE’s scientific integrity, according to a policy statement recently issued by Secretary of Energy Steven Chu. 

“Science and technology are the foundation of all Department of Energy activities…,” the Secretarial Policy Statement on Scientific Integrity (https://www.directives.doe.gov/references/secretarial_policy_statement_on_scientific_integrity/view) opens. “The Department’s mission relies on objective, reliable, accurate, and accessible scientific and technical information.”  And OSTI addresses the agency’s responsibilities to collect, preserve and disseminate scientific and technical information emanating from the Department’s research and development activities.

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DOE R&D Accomplishments Celebrates the Selection of Steven Chu for Secretary of Energy

by Mary Schorn 07 Jan, 2009 in Products and Content

Photo Credit:
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Roy Kaltschmidt, Photographer

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