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OSTI Link in New York Times Blog

by Nena Moss 23 Mar, 2009 in Products and Content

A document made available by the Office of Scientific and Technical Information (OSTI) was recently linked in the New York Times City Room? blog article "

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What's in the OSTI Legacy Collection?

by Tim Byrne 20 Mar, 2009 in Products and Content

The DOE Office of Scientific and Technical Information legacy collection contains an estimated one million technical reports representing six decades of energy research that is, for the most part, unavailable in electronic format.  On average, OSTI receives close to two hundred requests each month to digitize specific reports, with the vast majority of the requests coming from

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Research Added to Federal R&D Project Summaries

by Valerie Allen 12 Feb, 2009 in Products and Content

Another opportunity for researchers and the public to be better informed about government research is afforded by OSTI's recent and major update to Federal R&D Project Summaries (www.osti.gov/fedrnd<

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OSTI Functions in Brief

by Dr. Walt Warnick 09 Feb, 2009 in Products and Content

OSTI is dedicated to the principle that to advance science, research must be shared.

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Customize Your Search Experience at ScienceAccelerator.gov

by Mary Schorn 15 Jan, 2009 in Products and Content

It is exciting to announce that an array of new search and retrieval features and capabilities have been added to ScienceAccelerator.gov, providing new options for customizing your search experience.

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DOE R&D Accomplishments Celebrates the Selection of Steven Chu for Secretary of Energy

by Mary Schorn 07 Jan, 2009 in Products and Content

Photo Credit:
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Roy Kaltschmidt, Photographer

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Science, Knowledge, Experience, and the Facebook-Way

by Erin Anderson 18 Dec, 2008 in Products and Content

OSTI Experiences Facebook--Part One


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China Joins the WorldWideScience Alliance: Why This is Important

by Brian Hitson 29 Oct, 2008 in Products and Content

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Join the discussion on important DOE research

by Michelle Turpin 07 Oct, 2008 in Products and Content

Our team is excited to announce that you can now join in or start discussions on important DOE research and development in the Information Bridge collection.

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More Energy Department research goes online due to OSTI, IAEA collaboration

by Brian Hitson 01 Oct, 2008 in Products and Content

Because we live in a digital world, many people mistakenly believe all research is easily available online. Not only is this a false assumption, it's not even an easy task to digitize the volume of research currently available in paper format and get it posted online.

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