A Remarkable Encomium for WorldWideScience.org

by Kristin Bingham on Fri, Feb 26, 2010

“World Wide Science is the world’s most important scientific resource, where the global science community can share knowledge.”  This remarkable encomium did not come from just any casual observer, but from a leader of one of the world’s top information organizations.  While interviewing with Information World Review, Richard Boulderstone, director of e-strategy and information systems at the British Library, shared this perspective. 

Boulderstone elaborated further. “It enables researchers to search over 50 national databases simultaneously and freely access high quality, authoritative information on cutting-edge scientific research.  It makes available more than 360 million pages of information covering energy, medicine, agriculture and the environment, and continues to expand.”   

This is an enormous compliment to everyone who has put so much hard work into creating and maintaining WorldWideScience.org.  Congratulations to all.

Kristin Bingham


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