Fuel Cells to market?

by Kathy Chambers on Thu, Jun 28, 2012

DOE has outlined a Market Transformation strategy for demonstrating the commercial viability of fuel cell power in applications for which there is a business case, and com­municating the potential environmental and economic benefits of the clean energy technologies.  Current results of an ongoing multiyear study of fuel-cell powered vehicles, supported by the DOE EERE [abstract and full text in OSTI’s Information Bridge] were published in February 2012. The report includes recommendations to the Energy Department about needs for investigation during the remaining 3-4 years of the study and about ways to commercialize the technology. 

Read about the many technologies and products supported by DOE’s Fuel Cell Technologies Program in Pathways to Commercial SuccessRead more about fuel cell research found in OSTI Collections.

By Kathy Chambers, OSTI Staff

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