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WorldWideScience.org Enhancements: Addition of Arabic Translation, Mobile Capability, and Multimedia Results

Arabic has been added to the suite of translated languages at WorldWideScience.org, bringing the total number of translated languages to 10. At WorldWideScience.org, your query can be translated into the languages of the search engine's 80-plus databases and the results can be translated into  your preferred language. In addition, WorldWideScience.org has added a new multimedia search capability, including search of speech-indexed scientific videos from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and CERN.  Speech-indexing is provided by the Microsoft Research Audio Video Indexing System (MAVIS). Also, a mobile version of WorldWideScience.org (http://m.worldwidescience.org)  has been launched, which will mark another first in the field of federated search. These enhancements build on WorldWideScience.org's history of innovation in combining information and search technologies with a commitment to accelerate scientific discovery. This commitment is shared by the multilateral WorldWideScience Alliance, comprised of globally-dispersed national and international scientific and technical information organizations.

Last updated on Tuesday 17 September 2013