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OSTI ensures global access to DOE research. OSTI brings the world's research to DOE.

This gateway gives citizens, researchers, and anyone interested in science the capability to search national science portals from participating nations. Patrons will get the most current information from around the world in fields such as energy, medicine, agriculture, environment, and basic sciences.
Energy Technology Data Exchange World Energy Base (ETDEWEB) includes information on the environmental impact of energy production and use, including climate change; energy R&D; energy policy; nuclear, coal, hydrocarbon, and renewable energy technologies, and more. ETDEWEB is free, with registration, for any U.S. resident.
The leading information source for scientific literature published worldwide on the peaceful applications of nuclear science and technology dating back to 1970; access to INIS Database is available to individuals and institutions in INIS Member States and co-operating international organizations.

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