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OSTI's Vision, Mission, and Goals

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As detailed in the U.S. Department of Energy Office of Scientific and Technical Information 2015-2019 Strategic Plan, following are OSTI’s vision, mission, and goals:



The Office of Scientific and Technical Information will fulfill a critical U.S. Department of Energy mission to ensure long-term preservation of and access to the results of DOE research and development (R&D) investments.  Across the full spectrum of DOE R&D programs, OSTI will provide accountability for all DOE scientific and technical information—in its many forms—through electronic, efficient, and user-friendly tools and technology.



The mission of the Office of Scientific and Technical Information is to advance science and sustain technological creativity by making R&D findings available and useful to Department of Energy researchers and the public.




1.     Accountability for the collection and acquisition of  DOE unclassified R&D results

OSTI will:

*    implement the acquisition aspects of the DOE Public Access Plan for scholarly publications;
*    target comprehensive electronic submission of technical reports and other textual forms of scientific and
      technical information (STI);

*    increase the volume of searchable multimedia forms of STI; and
*    increase acquisition, registration and usability of DOE R&D datasets.


2.     Long Term Preservation of DOE R&D Results

OSTI will:

*     increase the digitization of legacy holdings through partnership and collaboration;
*     support preservation through migration and interoperability;
*     preserve DOE STI hosted in a distributed environment through dark archiving; and
*     ensure the preservation of unclassified DOE R&D results through validated testing of
      disaster recovery and contingency plan elements.


3.     Collection, Protection, Preservation, and Secure Access to Classified R&D Results, Unclassified
        Controlled Nuclear Information (UCNI), and Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI)

OSTI will:

*     achieve comprehensive electronic submission of classified and UCNI STI;
*     deploy secure, need-to-know-based search and retrieval for classified and UCNI STI;
*     ensure preservation of classified R&D information and UCNI through validated testing of
      disaster recovery and contingency plan elements;

*     develop specialized information tools and services to support the National Nuclear Security
      Administration (NNSA) and DOE;

*     review, catalog, mark, and disseminate classified and UCNI STI according to DOE and national
      requirements; and

*     life-cycle management of CUI.


4.    Maximum Use of and Visibility for DOE R&D Results

OSTI will:

*     ensure high visibility and use of the DOE public access model, DOE PAGESBeta;
*     benchmark National Library of EnergyBeta and constituent products as “best in class” from government, 
      academia, and industry;
*     leverage partnerships to promote and support DOE R&D priorities; and
*     establish communications as a driver of visibility.


5.     Strong Foundations, Partnerships, and Agility

OSTI will:

*     provide leadership and organizational structure that clearly defines vision and performance expectations
      and facilitates efficient operations and camaraderie;

*     ensure a technology and cyber infrastructure that serves both OSTI’s programmatic requirements and internal
       business needs;

*     offer a physical infrastructure that provides a safe, secure, efficient, and healthy environment for OSTI’s
       workforce and information assets; and

*     be committed to flexibility as opportunities for new collaborations and business lines emerge.

Last updated on Friday 19 February 2016