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1940’s Atomic Energy Commission created Nuclear Science Abstracts began
1950’s Microfiche & Full-Text Docs to Depository Libraries Atoms-For-Peace Program
1960’s Computer Technology implemented International cooperations put in place (IAEA)
1970’s AEC became Energy Research and Development Administration Energy Database (EDB) began, broadened info scope ERDA became Dept of Energy Dept Directive DOE O 1340.1 includes technical reports
1980’s International Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDE) Charter member of CENDI Database Structure DOE STI Directives created
1990’s Digitization of Report Literature Began Innovation of Multiple Internet Age Tools STIP Strategic Plan Adopted Dublin Core Electronic STI submissions
2000’s Electronic Transition completed Web Tools and Federated Searching expanded Increased STI Usage via Web Technology Innovations continue: relevance ranking, alerts, social media, etc.