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Search Results

The results screen tells you how many records are responsive to the search. In this case, we have 5,095 matches, and you can see how the results are presented. Each record will show the title, which is hyperlinked to the full record on this item. Usually, the author's name is hyperlinked so that, if you click on it, you can go to all items in the database by this author. To the left, if there is full text associated with the record, there will be either a PDF icon or a "link" icon, which usually means it's a journal article. This takes you to the publishers' Web site, where you can obtain the full text – sometimes for free, sometimes for a fee payable to the commercial publishers.


You can also see that these records are sorted by publication date, with the most recent items being at the top of the list. The alternative way of sorting is by relevance, where the records are ranked according to how often and how prominently the search term occurs in the record.