U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science Office of Scientific and Technical Information


 ETDE's "Product" – ETDEWEB

  • 3.8 million energy research, technology, and development (RTD) – the world's largest database of energy RTD information.
  • "ETDEWEB is clearly the information system of reference; many national Web sites on energy RTD link to ETDEWEB." (source: European Commission, May 2005, "Energy RTD Information Systems in the European Research Area")
  • Broad coverage of energy and environmental subjects:
    • "Renewables" – 225,202 records
    • "Fossil fuels" – 553,687 records
    • "Energy Planning, Policy and Economy" – 195,408 records
    • "Energy Conservation, Consumption and Utilization" – 166,833 records
    • "Environmental" – 252,860 records