U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science Office of Scientific and Technical Information


Slide 3: Leadership and Staff

Walter L. Warnick,
RL Scott, Deputy Director
Vince Dattoria, Senior Advisor

Administration & Information

Brian Hitson, Assoc. Director

Information Systems
Karen Spence, Assistant Director

Program Integration
Sharon Jordan, Assistant Director

STI Acquisitions
& Management, Judy Gilmore

STI policies and procedures, e-journal consortia, R&D project summaries, intellectual property rights, special projects

Brabson, Delores
Elliott, Jannean
Foust, Susie

Waldrop, Kathy

Chambers, Kathy

Goodman, Paulette
Rita Hohenbrink

External Relations
& Communication, Linda Ponce

SC communication liaison, OSTI home page, web policies, interagency & E-gov initiatives, software, report requests

Allen, Valerie
Buckner, Kim
Simmons, Patricia

Daniels, Cathey

Moss, Nena

Evans, Daphne