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Mike Jennings Admin
29 weeks ago
Mike Jennings Admin
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U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science Office of Scientific and Technical Information

March 2014 Most Viewed Documents for Environmental Sciences

  1. Separation of heavy metals: Removal from industrial wastewaters and contaminated soil
    Peters, R.W.; Shem, L. (1993)


  2. Atmospheric Chemistry and Greenhouse Gases
    Ehhalt, D.; Prather, M.; Dentener, F.; Derwent, R.; Dlugokencky, Edward J.; Holland, E.; Isaksen, I.; Katima, J.; Kirchhoff, V.; Matson, P.; Midgley, P.; Wang, M.; Berntsen, T.; Bey, I.; Brasseur, G.; Buja, L.; Collins, W. J.; Daniel, J. S.; DeMore, W. B.; Derek, N.; Dickerson, R.; Etheridge, D.; Feichter, J.; Fraser, P.; Friedl, R.; Fuglestvedt, J.; Gauss, M.; Grenfell, L.; Grubler, Arnulf; Harris, N.; Hauglustaine, D.; Horowitz, L.; Jackman, C.; Jacob, D.; Jaegle, L.; Jain, Atul K.; Kanakidou, M.; Karlsdottir, S.; Ko, M.; Kurylo, M.; Lawrence, M.; Logan, J. A.; Manning, M.; Mauzerall, D.; McConnell, J.; Mickley, L. J.; Montzka, S.; Muller, J. F.; Olivier, J.; Pickering, K.; Pitari, G.; Roelofs, G.-J.; Rogers, H.; Rognerud, B.; Smith, Steven J.; Solomon, S.; Staehelin, J.; Steele, P.; Stevenson, D. S.; Sundet, J.; Thompson, A.; van Weele, M.; von Kuhlmann, R.; Wang, Y.; Weisenstein, D. K.; Wigley, T. M.; Wild, O.; Wuebbles, D.J.; Yantosca, R.; Joos, Fortunat; McFarland, M. (2001)


  3. Test of a magnetic device for the amelioration of scale formation at Treatment Facility D
    Krauter, P.W., Harrar, J.E., Orloff, S.P., Bahowick, S.M. (1996)


  4. Statistical methods for environmental pollution monitoring
    Gilbert, R.O. (1987)


  5. Addendum to the Corrective Action Decision Document/Closure Report for Corrective Action Unit 529: Area 25 Contaminated Materials, Nevada Test Site, Nevada, Revision 1
    Krauss, Mark J (2013)


  6. Ecological Screening Values for Surface Water, Sediment, and Soil
    Friday, G. P. (1999)


  7. Mitigation options for accidental releases of hazardous gases
    Fthenakis, V.M. (1995)


  8. Building a secondary containment system
    Broder, M.F. (1994)


  9. Methods and opportunities in the recycling of rare earth based materials
    Ellis, T.W.; Schmidt, F.A.; Jones, L.L. (1994)


  10. Land use and energy
    Robeck, K.E.; Ballou, S.W.; South, D.W.; Davis, M.J.; Chiu, S.Y.; Baker, J.E.; Dauzvardis, P.A.; Garvey, D.B.; Torpy, M.F. (1980)


  11. The Geysers Geothermal Field Update1990/2010
    Brophy, P.; Lippmann, M.; Dobson, P.F.; Poux, B. (2010)


  12. Degradation of high concentrations of glycols, antifreeze, and deicing fluids
    Strong-Gunderson, J.M.; Wheelis, S.; Carroll, S.L.; Waltz, M.D.; Palumbo, A.V. (1995)


  13. Background chemistry for chemical warfare agents and decontamination processes in support of delisting waste streams at the U.S. Army Dugway Proving Ground, Utah
    Rosenblatt, D.H.; Small, M.J.; Kimmell, T.A.; Anderson, A.W. (1996)


  14. Study of using oxygen-enriched combustion air for locomotive diesel engines
    Poola, R.B.; Sekar, R. [Argonne National Lab., IL (United States)]; Assanis, D.N. [Michigan Univ., Ann Arbor, MI (United States)]; Cataldi, G.R. [Association of American Railroads, Washington, DC (United States)] (1996)


  15. Health and environmental effects document on geothermal energy: 1981
    Layton, D.W.; Anspaugh, L.R.; O'Banion, K.D. (1981)


  16. Climate change 2007. Synthesis report. Contribution of Working Groups I, II and III to the fourth assessment report
    Pachauri, R.K.; Reisinger, A. (eds.) (2008)


  17. Improved Magnus` form approximation of saturation vapor pressure
    Alduchov, O.A.; Eskridge, R.E. [National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Asheville, NC (United States). National Climatic Data Center] (1997)


  18. ARM Energy Balance Bowen Ratio (EBBR) station: surf. heat flux and related data, 30-min
    Cook, David (1993)


  19. The Northwest Geysers EGS Demonstration Project Phase 1: Pre-stimulation coupled geomechanical modeling to guide stimulation and monitoring plans
    Rutqvist, J.; Dobson, P.F.; Oldenburg, C.M.; Garcia, J.; Walters, M. (2010)


  20. Chemical contaminants on DOE lands and selection of contaminant mixtures for subsurface science research
    Riley, R.G.; Zachara, J.M. [Pacific Northwest Lab., Richland, WA (United States)] (1992)