U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science Office of Scientific and Technical Information

January 2013 Most Viewed Documents for Energy Storage, Conversion, And Utilization

  1. Energy Technology Perspectives 2012: Executive Summary [Portuguese version]
  2. Energy indicators for electricity production : comparing technologies and the nature of the indicators Energy Payback Ratio (EPR), Net Energy Ratio (NER) and Cumulative Energy Demand (CED). [Oestfoldforskning AS]
    Raadal, Hanne Lerche [Ostfold research, Fredrikstad (Norway)]; Modahl, Ingunn Saur [Ostfold research, Fredrikstad (Norway)]; Bakken, Tor Haakon [SINTEF Energy, Trondheim (Norway)]
  3. Sustainable technologies for the building construction industry
    Vanegas, J.A.; DuBose, J.R.; Pearce, A.R. [Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA (United States)]
  4. Development and demonstration of low-energy district heating for low-energy buildings. Main report and appendices; Udvikling og demonstration af lavenergifjernvarme til lavenergibyggeri. Hovedrapport + bilag
    Christiansen, C.H.; Paulsen, O.; Boehm, B. (Teknologisk Institut, Taastrup (Denmark)); Thorsen, J.E. (Danfoss A/S, (Denmark)); Ting Larsen, C.; Jepsen, B.K. (LOGSTOR A/S, (Denmark)); Kaarup Olsen, P.; Lambertsen, H.; Hummelshoej, R. (COWI A/S, (Denmark)); Svendsen, Svend; Fan, J.; Furbo, S. (DTU-BYG, Kgs. Lyngby (Denmark)); Worm, J.; Didriksen, J. (Energitjenesten, Copenhagen (Denmark))
  5. Norwegian energy policy
    Utseth, Anita
  6. Energy systems and technologies for the coming century. Proceedings
    Soenderberg Petersen, L.; Larsen, Hans (eds.)
  7. Communication of Energy Efficiency Information to Remodelers: Lessons From Current Practice
    Liaukus, C.
  8. Electric transport in the Netherlands in an international perspective. Benchmark electric driving 2012; Elektrisch vervoer in Nederland in internationaal perspectief. Benchmark elektrisch rijden 2012
    Kroon, P.; Weeda, M. [ECN Beleidsstudies, Petten (Netherlands)]; Appels, D. [Agentschap NL, Utrecht (Netherlands)]
  9. Hydrogen peroxide propulsion for smaller satellites (SSC98-VIII-1)
    Whitehead, J C
  10. 1994 Activity Report, National Synchrotron Light Source. Annual report, October 1, 1993-September 30, 1994
    Rothman, E.Z. [ed.]