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Title: Advanced Horizontal Well Recirculation Systems for Geothermal Energy Recovery in Sedimentary Formations
Creator/Author: Mike Bruno ; Russell L. Detwiler ; Kang Lao ; Vahid Serajian ; Jean Elkhoury ; Julia Diessl ; Nicky White
Publication Date:2012 Sep 30
OSTI Identifier:OSTI 1057782
Report Number(s):DOE-EE0005126-GRC2012
DOE Contract Number:EE0005126
Document Type:Conference
Specific Type:
Resource Relation:Conference: GRC Annual Meeting Reno, Nevada, USA September 30 - October 3, 2012
Other Number(s):
Research Org:Terralog Technologies USA, Inc.
Sponsoring Org:USDOE; USDOE EE Office of Geothermal Technologies (EE-2C)
Keywords:Horizontal wells, Sedimentary formations, Geothermal energy, Recirculation systems
Description/Abstract:There is increased recognition that geothermal energy resources are more widespread than previously thought, with potential for providing a significant amount of sustainable clean energy worldwide. Recent advances in drilling, completion, and production technology from the oil and gas industry can now be applied to unlock vast new geothermal resources, with some estimates for potential electricity generation from geothermal energy now on the order of 2 million megawatts. Terralog USA, in collaboration with the University of California, Irvine (UCI), are currently investigating advanced design concepts for paired horizontal well recirculation systems, optimally configured for geothermal energy recovery in permeable sedimentary and crystalline formations of varying structure and material properties. This two-year research project, funded by the US Department of Energy, includes combined efforts for: 1) Resource characterization; 2) Small and large scale laboratory investigations; 3) Numerical simulation at both the laboratory and field scale; and 4) Engineering feasibility studies and economic evaluations. The research project is currently in its early stages. This paper summarizes our technical approach and preliminary findings related to potential resources, small-scale laboratory simulation, and supporting numerical simulation efforts.
Country of Publication:US
Size/Format:Medium: ED
System Entry Date:2013 Mar 11
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