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Title: Assessment of the Geothermal System Near Stanley, Idaho
Creator/Author: Trent Armstrong ; John Welhan ; Mike McCurry
Publication Date:2012 Jun 01
OSTI Identifier:OSTI 1055972
Report Number(s):INL/CON-12-25794
DOE Contract Number:DE-AC07-05ID14517
Document Type:Conference
Specific Type:
Resource Relation:Conference: GRC,Reno, NV,06/04/2012,06/08/2012
Other Number(s):
Research Org:Idaho National Laboratory (INL)
Sponsoring Org:USDOE
Description/Abstract:The City of Stanley, Idaho (population 63) is situated in the Salmon River valley of the central Idaho highlands. Due to its location and elevation (6270 feet amsl) it is one of the coldest locales in the continental U.S., on average experiencing frost 290 days of the year as well as 60 days of below zero (oF) temperatures. Because of high snowfall (76 inches on average) and the fact that it is at the terminus of its rural grid, the city also frequently endures extended power outages during the winter. To evaluate its options for reducing heating costs and possible local power generation, the city obtained a rural development grant from the USDA and commissioned a feasibility study through author Roy Mink to determine whether a comprehensive site characterization and/or test drilling program was warranted. Geoscience students and faculty at Idaho State University (ISU), together with scientists from the Idaho Geological Survey (IGS) and Idaho National Laboratory (INL) conducted three field data collection campaigns between June, 2011 and November, 2012 with the assistance of author Beckwith who arranged for food, lodging and local property access throughout the field campaigns. Some of the information collected by ISU and the IGS were compiled by author Mink and Boise State University in a series of progress reports (Makovsky et al., 2011a, b, c, d). This communication summarizes all of the data collected by ISU including data that were compiled as part of the IGS’s effort for the National Geothermal Data System’s (NGDS) data compilation project funded by the Department of Energy and coordinated by the Arizona Geological Survey.
Country of Publication:US
Size/Format:Medium: ED
System Entry Date:2012 Dec 03
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