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August 11, 2006

We’ve had a number of inquiries about how to best search our E-prints on Web-sites feature for individual authors. Here’s what you do. First be sure that the E-prints on Web sites box is checked then go down to the Creator/Author search box and enter the researcher’s last name followed by the first name but use no punctuation between the names.

For instance if you were looking for John Brown you would enter in the Creator/Author Box

Brown John

Then start the search by clicking black search button near the bottom of the page.

Please note that the author searching in the E-prints on Web-sites works only for authors who have provided eprints on their web sites. This means that searching for any other author will not return useful results. Also you should find that when multiple authors provide the same eprint, searching for any of the providing authors will retrieve the paper.

With the completion of our most recent update (early July 2006) E-print on Web-sites users will be searching in a universe of 915,303 documents retrievable from one or more of 22,510 researcher web pages. With this quarterly update we added over 100,000 new eprints.

In our Find Scientific Societies feature we have links to about 2930 societies. If you would like to see the entire cumbersome list just check both the All Languages and the All Subjects boxes on that page and click the black Show Selected Societies button. One large alphabetical list is returned on the results web page.

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August 22, 2005

With our latest update to the "E-prints on Web-sites" feature users can now search against a universe of 664,745 eprints in one or more of pdf, postscript, or dvi formats. These eprints are made available to other researchers directly from web sites of the providing laboratories. These web pages are created within the research laboratories of 18,200 active investigators whose aim is to make sure that their work is readily accessible to interested colleagues and to students.

We are pleased that the ArXiv eprint service values our Alert Service as a useful addition to their world renowned eprint database now housed at the Cornell University Library. Our Alert service allows users to automatically run a search of their own creation against any of the ArXiv eprint databases as well as a number of other eprint databases, including institutional repositories, to identify newly added eprints being made available during the past week. These Alerts may also run against the E-prints-on Web sites quarterly to coincide with updates to this database.

On our societies’ page we will soon add the capability to display our entire listing of professional societies in science and engineering in one alphabetical list. All 2790 societies will be listed on this web page with each entry a hot link to that society’ own web page.

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April 28, 2005

E-Print Network Content Continues to Grow

With our most recent update (April 1) users are now able to search a document universe of 592,201 eprints in the "E-prints on Websites" feature. We hope that the 17,200 providers of these eprints will find an increase in visits to their laboratory web sites from other researchers and students interested in their laboratory's work.

Did you know that when using this section of the E-print Network you can quickly access the web site of the researcher who provided the paper that you have found useful? It is simple, just look the screen displaying your search results and click on either "start url" or "parent url" associated with the paper of interest. This feature makes it easy for you to find out more about the people who did the work described in the paper. Among the information that the researcher's commonly provide about their labs, are listings of other papers by the same lab, who else now works there and how to make contacts. Often you can find out what the laboratory is presently researching and even if the laboratory is currently has openings for Post Docs or graduate students.

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December 17, 2004

Returns from searches in the E-print Network are now being prioritized by Quick Rank which uses an algorithm to improve the relevancy of the eprints returned to the query. Among other factors used by the algorithm is the presence of the search term in the title or the first part of the paper.

We are now able to offer a modified author searching in our Eprints on Web Sites feature. You now may search for eprints that are offered by individual researchers provided their names are listed in our Browse by Discipline section, see E-print Network Disciplines.

We have recently added ten new sites to our distributed search feature. If you have an alert you may want to expand your search to include these sites. The new sites include databases provided by Chalmers Preprint Server, CogPrints, General Atomic Fusion Group, Gigascale Silicon Research Center, INRIA, Laboratori Nazionali di Frascati (INFN), and PhilSci Archive. In addition, we are adding three institutional repositories: the Australian National University, University of Queensland and University of Southhampton. Brief descriptions of all databases that we distributely search is available at Collections Description.

A new feature is now available which allows you to convert a search you just conducted to an Alert. With this new capability you may automatically extend that search into the future to find new eprints on the same topic as they become available on the E-print Network.

Our list of professional societies of interest to our users is now so large that we felt that users would appreciate being able to pare down the list to areas of their own interest. You may now choose to create a custom list of societies based on your disciplines of interest also limited by the language of the society. You may choose multiple disciplines, multiple languages or you may choose all disciplines and/or all languages.

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November 03, 2004

We have recently re-indexed the sites listed in our Eprints on Web Sites feature. While our usual quarterly updates appends new eprints that were added to these sites during the preceding quarter as well as those from newly added sites, this re-indexing also confirms that older eprints are still available to our users. Those eprints that are no longer accessible are removed from our index and will no longer be retrieved in searches. The index now includes 419,956 eprints on 14,880 sites.

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