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Design Principles for Flexible Systems Sigrun Andradottir and Hayriye Ayhan

Summary: Design Principles for Flexible Systems
SigrŽun AndradŽottir and Hayriye Ayhan
H. Milton Stewart School of Industrial and Systems Engineering
Georgia Institute of Technology
Atlanta, GA 30332-0205
Douglas G. Down
Department of Computing and Software
McMaster University
Hamilton, Ontario L8S 4L7
August 4, 2009
A fundamental aspect of designing queueing systems with stationary servers is iden-
tifying and improving the system bottlenecks. In this paper, the concept of a bottleneck
is extended to queueing networks with heterogeneous, flexible servers. In contrast with
a network with stationary servers, the bottlenecks are not a priori obvious, but can be
determined by solving a number of linear programming problems. Unlike the station-
ary server case, we find that a bottleneck may span several queues. We then identify
some characteristics of desirable flexibility structures. In particular, the chosen flexi-


Source: Ayhan, Hayriye - School of Industrial and Systems Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology


Collections: Engineering