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Extracting Global System Dynamics of Corticosteroid Genomic Effects in Rat Liver

Summary: Extracting Global System Dynamics of Corticosteroid Genomic
Effects in Rat Liver
E. Yang, R. R. Almon, D. C. DuBois, W. J. Jusko, and I. P. Androulakis
Departments of Biomedical Engineering (E.Y., I.P.A.) and Chemical and Biochemical Engineering (I.P.A.), Rutgers University,
Piscataway, New Jersey; Departments of Biological Sciences (R.R.A., D.C.D.) and Pharmaceutical Sciences
(R.R.A., D.C.D., W.J.J.), SUNY Buffalo, New York; and New York State Center of Excellence in Bioinformatics
and Life Sciences, Buffalo, New York (R.R.A., W.J.J.)
Received October 16, 2007; accepted December 14, 2007
One of the challenges in constructing biological models in-
volves resolving meaningful data patterns from which the math-
ematical models will be generated. For models that describe
the change of mRNA in response to drug administration, ques-
tions exist whether the correct genes have been selected given
the myriad transcriptional effects that may occur. Oftentimes,
different algorithms will select or cluster different groups of
genes from the same data set. A new approach was developed
that focuses on identifying the underlying global dynamics of
the system instead of selecting individual genes. The procedure
was applied to microarray genomic data obtained from rat liver


Source: Androulakis, Ioannis (Yannis) - Biomedical Engineering Department & Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering, Rutgers University


Collections: Engineering; Biology and Medicine