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Oscillations with TCPlike Flow Control in Networks of Queues

Summary: Oscillations with TCP­like Flow Control in
Networks of Queues
Matthew Andrews
Bell Laboratories, Lucent Technologies
Murray Hill, NJ 07974, USA
Email: andrews at research.bell­labs.com
Aleksandrs Slivkins
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY 14853, USA
Email: slivkins at cs.cornell.edu
Abstract--- We consider a set of flows passing through a set
of servers. The injection rate into each flow is governed by a
flow control that increases the injection rate when all the servers
on the flow's path are empty and decreases the injection rate
when some server is congested. We show that if each server's
congestion is governed by the arriving traffic at the server then
the system can oscillate. This is in contrast to previous work on
flow control where congestion was modeled as a function of the
flow injection rates and the system was shown to converge to a
steady state that maximizes an overall network utility.


Source: Andrews, Matthew - Mathematics of Networks and Systems, Mathematical Sciences Research Center, Bell Laboratories


Collections: Mathematics; Computer Technologies and Information Sciences