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Mathematics 115 Spring 2008

Summary: Mathematics 115
Spring 2008
Instructor: Professor R. Alperin; Office: Duncan 239; Telephone: 924-5066;
Office hours: MW 10:45-11:30, MW 2:45-4, M 4-5 or by appt.
Text: GEOMETRIC TRANSFORMATIONS by I. M. Yaglom, Math. Assoc.
of America, 3 volumes
Course: Modern Geometry and Transformations
The main goal of this class is to introduce the students to the idea of
and uses of transformations in the study of euclidean, affine, projective and
hyperbolic geometry. The prerequisite is Math 31 with a grade of C or better
and familiarity with high-school geometry.
Your final grade is based on a 350 point total on tests, homework and
presentations. Students must prepare a notebook of homework assignments;
students are expected to make presentations of their homework solutions in
Some homework assignments will also require the use of Cabri sotware;
students are expected to register for 1 unit of Math 110L to use the lab and
Volume 1: Euclidean Geometry


Source: Alperin, Roger C. - Department of Mathematics, San Jose State University


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