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JBSP: A BSP Programming Library In Java Yan Gu Bu-Sung Lee Wentong Cai y

Summary: JBSP: A BSP Programming Library In Java
Yan Gu  Bu-Sung Lee Wentong Cai y
School of Applied Science
Nanyang Technological University
Singapore 639798
In this paper, we introduce a Java implementation of the Bulk Synchronous Parallel
(BSP) model. JBSP (a Java-based BSP system) uses a two-daemon architecture
which makes a clear separation of the computation and communication involved
in parallel programs. Java threads are used in the implementation of the JBSP
system to realize user de ned JBSP tasks as well as to carry out system activities.
The JBSP library provides programmers with both explicit message-passing and
remote memory access communication methods. In addition, a set of benchmark
experiments was also carried out to compare the performance of JBSP with that of
BSPlib. Results show that there is a considerable overhead in communications in
the current implementation of JBSP due to the use of Java's Object Serialization.
It was also found that although BSPlib outperforms JBSP in all the cases, JBSP
is more scalable in terms of the BSP machine-parameters.
Keywords: Java, BSP (Bulk Synchronous Parallel) model, Cluster comput-
ing, Multi-thread execution, Message passing, Direct remote memory access,


Source: Amir, Yair - Department of Computer Science, Johns Hopkins University


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences