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Applying Electric Field Sensing to Human-Computer Interfaces

Summary: Applying Electric Field Sensing to
Human-Computer Interfaces
Thomas G. Zimmerman, Joshua R. Smith, Joseph A. Paradiso, David Allport1
, Neil Gershenfeld
MIT Media Laboratory - Physics and Media Group
20 Ames Street E15-487
Cambridge, Mass 02176-4307
(617) 253-0620
tz,jrs,joep,dea,neilg @media.mit.edu
A non-contact sensor based on the interaction of a person
with electric fields for human-computer interface is
investigated. Two sensing modes are explored: an
external electric field shunted to ground through a
human body, and an external electric field transmitted
through a human body to stationary receivers. The
sensors are low power (milliwatts), high resolution
(millimeter) low cost (a few dollars per channel), have
low latency (millisecond), high update rate (1 kHz), high
immunity to noise (>72 dB), are not affected by clothing,


Source: Anderson, Richard - Department of Computer Science and Engineering, University of Washington at Seattle


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences