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Published in IET Information Security Received on 10th December 2009

Summary: Published in IET Information Security
Received on 10th December 2009
Revised on 19th March 2010
doi: 10.1049/iet-ifs.2009.0261
Special Issue on Multi-Agent & Distributed Information
ISSN 1751-8709
Survey of security services on group
P. Sakarindr N. Ansari
Advanced Networking Laboratory, Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, NJIT, University Heights,
Newark, NJ 07102, USA
E-mail: ps6@njit.edu
Abstract: Secure group communication (SGC) has attracted much attention, as group-oriented communications
have been increasingly facilitating many emerging applications that require packet delivery from one or more
sender(s) to multiple receivers. Of all proposals reported, most have focused on addressing the issue of key
management to SGC systems. The authors, however, advocate that security services are also needed to satisfy
different security requirements of various applications. The authors also present here a survey on recent
advances in several security requirements and security services in group communication systems (GCSs),
illustrate some outstanding GCSs that deploy these security services, and describe challenges for any future


Source: Ansari, Nirwan - Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, New Jersey Institute of Technology


Collections: Engineering