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MarineBiology(1997)129:79 85 O Springer-Verlag1997 C. A. Acosta'T.R. Matthews'M.J. ButlerIV

Summary: MarineBiology(1997)129:79 85 O Springer-Verlag1997
C. A. Acosta'T.R. Matthews'M.J. ButlerIV
Temporalpatternsandtranspodprocessesin recruitment
of spinylobsterlPanulirusargaslpostlaruaeto southFlorida
Received:24.lanuary 1997lAcceptecl: 4 March 1997
Abstract We usedtime-seriesanalysisto identify weekly
and annual patterns in the supply of spiny lobster,
Punulirus argu.r (Latreille, I804), postlarvae to the
Florida Keys. USA. over an ll yr period. We also in-
vcstigartcdthe relationshipbetweenpostlarvarlinflux and
wind fbrcing as a transport mechanisrnusing the com-
plex vector-scalarcorrelationanalysis.PostlarvalsLrpply
had a lunar phaseperiodicityat 4.5 wk intervals,with
postlarvalabundancepeaking betweenthe new moon
and first-quarterlunar phases.A distinctannualcycleof
postlarvalsupply with two peak periodswas also ap-
parent. Cross-correlationanalysis between relative
postlarvalabundanceand a l2 rno cycleshowedthat the
annual peak occursin spring,centeredaround March.
With the l2 mo periodicityremoved,a smallerpeak at


Source: Acosta, Charles A. - Department of Biological Sciences, Northern Kentucky University


Collections: Environmental Sciences and Ecology