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Pander to Ponder Owen Astrachan

Summary: Pander to Ponder
Owen Astrachan
Department of Computer Science
Duke University, Durham, NC 27708
Ponder means "to weigh in the mind with thoroughness and
care" [31]. Pander means "to cater to the weaknesses and
base desires of others" [31]. We report on a course we have
designed and delivered over a six year period. The course
was originally designed as a technical writing course for ma-
jors, but has evolved into a non-major's version whose en-
rollment ranks it as one of the three most highly-enrolled
and thus arguably most popular courses for undergraduates
at our university. We have worked diligently to ensure that
students ponder the topics and problems that comprise the
material for the course -- and the material is deeply techni-
cal at many levels. We have also pandered to student needs
in meeting curriculum requirements, offering the course at a
time convenient for athletes and others, and using popular


Source: Astrachan, Owen - Department of Computer Science, Duke University


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences