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Spring 2011 Studying protein behaviour...

Summary: Spring 2011
Studying protein behaviour...
...and the way they form aggregates
Physical chemistry in the 1950s
A chat with the new Vice-Chancellor
Why did you want to be vice-
chancellor of the University of
The answer is actually relatively straight-
forward why would you not want to
be vice-chancellor of the University of
Cambridge? From my perspective, this
is the best university in the world, and
it's a chance to work with some of the
best people whom I've got to know and
admire, and try to help facilitate an envi-
ronment where they can continue to
deliver the very best that they can.
The university's reputation for educa-
tion, for research, and for everything that


Source: Alavi, Ali - Department of Chemistry, University of Cambridge


Collections: Chemistry