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Height and Tilt Geometric Texture Vedrana Andersen1

Summary: Height and Tilt Geometric Texture
Vedrana Andersen1
, Mathieu Desbrun2
, J. Andreas Bærentzen1
and Henrik Aanæs1
Technical University of Denmark
California Institute of Technology
Abstract. We propose a new intrinsic representation of geometric tex-
ture over triangle meshes. Our approach extends the conventional height
field texture representation by incorporating displacements in the tan-
gential plane in the form of a normal tilt. This texture representation
offers a good practical compromise between functionality and simplicity:
it can efficiently handle and process geometric texture too complex to be
represented as a height field, without having recourse to full blown mesh
editing algorithms. The height-and-tilt representation proposed here is
fully intrinsic to the mesh, making texture editing and animation (such
as bending or waving) intuitively controllable over arbitrary base mesh.


Source: Andersen, Vedrana - Institut for Informatik og Matematisk Modellering, Danmarks Tekniske Universitet


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences