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Generating and Analyzing Symbolic Traces of Simulink/Stateflow Models

Summary: Generating and Analyzing Symbolic Traces of
Simulink/Stateflow Models
Aditya Kanade1
, Rajeev Alur1
, Franjo Ivanci´c2
, S. Ramesh3
, Sriram
, and K.C. Shashidhar3
1. University of Pennsylvania, 2. NEC Laboratories America,
3. GM India Science Lab
Abstract. We present a methodology and a toolkit for improving sim-
ulation coverage of Simulink/Stateflow models of hybrid systems using
symbolic analysis of simulation traces. We propose a novel instrumen-
tation scheme that allows the simulation engine of Simulink/Stateflow
to output, along with the concrete simulation trace, the symbolic trans-
formers needed for our analysis. Given a simulation trace, along with
the symbolic transformers, our analysis computes a set of initial states
that would lead to traces with the same sequence of discrete compo-
nents at each step of the simulation. Such an analysis relies critically


Source: Alur, Rajeev - Department of Computer and Information Science, University of Pennsylvania


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences